In Which I Apostrophize Winter Break in Order to Give it a Heartfelt Farewell

Well, look at me…I’m such a big girl English major using literary devices like apostrophe in a blog post!

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Monday Funday

Well, most people (including myself) wouldn’t cut right to the chase and call Mondays fun. As a tired college student, I generally despise Mondays–especially last semester, since Monday was not only the start of a busy week, but it also happened to be my busiest day of the week.

So, no, I generally wouldn’t call Mondays fun.

Yesterday, though. Yesterday was different. It probably would have been better than an average Monday already, seeing as I am still on break and have zero immediate obligations. However, yesterday was just an all around awesome day
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2.5 Weeks of Anxiety? Not on My Watch!

First she slept; and then she read…

Got out of bed at noon. Started to read. Haven’t done much else today.

I could get used to this winter break life.

If only my anxiety wasn’t getting in the way…

I’m the type of person that dreams of having free time like no other; when it finally happens, with my mind all the sudden free from responsibility, the anxiety I’ve Continue reading “2.5 Weeks of Anxiety? Not on My Watch!”

Thinking Ahead to One Last Winter Break

Whenever lengthy breaks from school roll around, I always end up holing up in my parent’s house for a good two weeks. The introvert in me takes over and I switch off between reading for fun, watching Netflix, and sleeping to fill up my time. I might go out and see a an old friend from high school once. Maybe twice if I’m lucky.

During these breaks, it’s very possible that I wont leave the house for days unless I actively make plans with someone. This can actually turn out to be a bad thing, because when I’m not doing anything with my life, I get really anxious.

That’s not the point, though. The point is, break is so close. A week from now, I will be done with everything and this long and grueling semester will be over. Continue reading “Thinking Ahead to One Last Winter Break”

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