The Prairie. Revisited.

Energy. There is

so much Energy. Life. Joy.

In this place. Right. Here. Continue reading “The Prairie. Revisited.”


Spring Evenings

It’s been so nice out lately and, as result, I’ve taken my running outside. I’ve never been one to run outside in Morris extensively before, but I have to admit it’s really beautiful and I so wish I would have gotten into this habit a couple years ago.

The other night, I went out in the evening and I had the pleasure of watching the sunset out on the trails by campus. It was an absolutely beautiful and perfect Continue reading “Spring Evenings”

Prairie Beauty

The prairie.

What is it about the prairie?

It’s simple, it’s stark, it’s pretty good at being flat.

The casual observer might remark that there’s nothing much interesting about the prairie.

Of course, that causal observer wouldn’t be looking close enough; at how Continue reading “Prairie Beauty”