When Did Thin Shaming Become an Okay Thing?

Just to clarify, this was originally published on my first blog, “Letting the World Fall Into Place” on February 7, 2014, under the title “Let’s Talk About Body Image.” It’s a post I’ve always been extremely proud of…probably my strongest post from “Letting the World Fall Into Place,” and I kind of just want to get it out there again for a new audience;  I wouldn’t be publishing this again if it wasn’t something I felt strongly about. I changed the title to something I felt better represents my original goals with the post (because really, when did thin shaming become a thing? There are so many things wrong with it!) and I’ve made a few slight changes to the post itself; otherwise, it very closely resembles the original post from February. So, without further ado…

Today, this image showed up on my facebook newsfeed:

Now let me just say, I think the tone of the words in the above image is very harsh. While I do agree with the statement, I don’t like the way it is said. So, my goal here is to say what I took away from this image in an honest and respectful manner.

When I saw this image, I immediately started thinking about all the times people have commented on how skinny I am and how much I despise and am hurt by those comments. I’m by no means tall – I’m 5 foot 4 inches – and I weigh a little over 100 pounds;  I’ve always been small, always, regardless of how much I eat or work out. Yet, people still comment on my weight, as if there’s nothing wrong with that. Society has deemed it taboo Continue reading “When Did Thin Shaming Become an Okay Thing?”

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