In Which I Prepare for an Adventurous Spring Break

Hey all,

Just a heads up that I’m heading off for a spring break adventure with two of my college buddies tomorrow…I’m not bringing my computer and I’m going to try my darnedest to stay off social media!

I have some posts scheduled for next week, just because I had the ideas and Continue reading “In Which I Prepare for an Adventurous Spring Break”

In Which I Apostrophize Winter Break in Order to Give it a Heartfelt Farewell

Well, look at me…I’m such a big girl English major using literary devices like apostrophe in a blog post!

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It’s Thanksgiving, so I’m Gonna Give Some Thanks…

Here I am on Thanksgiving Day writing a paper:

Happy Thanksgiving from my parents’ kitchen table (a.k.a. my current work space). You are currently looking at my almost ten page draft for Understanding Writing.At this picture’s upper right is comments from my professor to keep in mind as I write. Notice the plate that used to be filled with food at the bottom right. MUST. STAY. ENERGIZED.

Yes, yes I can hear the protests of disbelief that will inevitably come up when people read that above sentence “Wait…what? Britta, it’s Thanksgiving! Can’t you take a break for once? Sit down, eat some food, and stop giving a shit for a little while!” Continue reading “It’s Thanksgiving, so I’m Gonna Give Some Thanks…”

Fall Break Reading (My Options are Limited)

A short list of what I could/should be reading right now:

  • The Faerie Queene, Edmund Spenser–for Brit Lit I
  • The Francis Preston Blair Family in Politics, Vol. I, William E. Smith–I’m using this for history senior seminar research
  • Creating Minnesota, Annette Atkins–for Minnesota History
  • Watchdogs of Loyalty, Carl H. Chrislock–also for Minnesota History
  • Various comp studies essays for my Understanding Writing research project/Understanding Writing reading assignments

An even shorter list of what I actually want to read right now:

  • So, basically, none of the above

I am currently on fall break right now. I have a nice long weekend ahead of me since I don’t have school on Monday or Tuesday. I’m currently at my grandparents house since I haven’t visited them in over a year and I thought it would be a nice, relaxing way to spend my time off.

Right before leaving school to drive here, I thought about bringing a book to read for fun. I ultimately decided not to because I figured I have so much to read for school that I thought that would keep me satisfied enough in Continue reading “Fall Break Reading (My Options are Limited)”

Stargazing on the Prairie

I am lucky enough to live in a location where the stars are visible at night. There might not be a lot to do out here out on the prairie, but go to any city in the world and you wont see the myriad of stars that fill up a clear night sky in a rural setting.

Tonight I went stargazing with some friends. We bundled up in warm clothes, as it is a chilly (though beautiful) autumn night; I brought out my TOMS Nepal Boots that are oooh so toasty for the first time since last winter and grabbed my mittens for good measure (and boy, did I end up needing them). We headed out to a field that is close to campus, lied down on the grass, and found ourselves viewing a completely different world.

I was feeling really anxious today, I think because I’ve been overwhelmed by my history senior seminar. I absolutely love my topic (I’m examining the Blair family as a case study for understanding pre-Civil War Northern Nationalism, which I find to be so interesting), but I think I have too many sources and I don’t Continue reading “Stargazing on the Prairie”

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