“We are Going to Ratchaburi, Okay?” “Okay!”

We were just planning on going to Nahkon Pathom for the day. We, being three of the other Western teachers and I. I hadn’t been into the city yet and there were some wats we wanted to see and explore.

However, the powers at be had other plans for us.

The powers at be, being the Tae Kwan Do teacher at our school.

— — —

The Thai people have a saying “Mai Bpen Rai,” which essentially means, whatever will be will be. Go with the flow. Just let life happen. It’s not really just an expression, but more so a way of life. Mai Bpen Rai is an essential part of the Thai way of life.

So, when the Tae Kwan Do teacher told us that he was going to drive us to Ratchaburi Province–the province directly west of Nakhon Pathom province, where we live–for a day trip INSTEAD of our original plan to go into the city of Nahkon Pathom, we just kind of looked at each other and thought, “Mai Bpen Rai.”

— — —

A few hours later, we found ourselves in Suan Phueng, one of the most western districts in Ratchaburi Province. This is a gorgeous area that has become a major weekend getaway spot for Thai people. As we were driving into Suan Phueng, the Tae Kwon Do teacher pointed at the mountains in the distance, “Behind those mountains is Mynamar.” Mynamar is a vast Continue reading ““We are Going to Ratchaburi, Okay?” “Okay!””

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