An Open Commentary on the Livelihood of Generation Y

There’s this article going around called Fifty Reasons This Generation Can’t Get It’s Sh*t Together And Actually Shouldn’t. Every few days I see it popping up on my facebook newsfeed from another young twenty-something who read this article and found it empowering enough to re-post it.

Well, let me tell you, I’m not re-posting this on my blog because I feel in anyway empowered. Rather, I am infuriated. I am infuriated that Ms. Lauren Martin, the author of this ever-popular article, had the gumption to make such broad assumptions about this generation, and that she did so quite unremarkably in fifty short bullet points.

I am a part of this so called generation that she is writing about. Generation Y, isn’t that what they’ve been calling it? I am a part of Generation Y and I believe this article is incredibly ignorant. Incredibly ignorant because it is filled with too many stereotypes and grand assumptions than is possible to count on two hands. I don’t identify with the so called generation that she has taken the time to unjustly label throughout this article Continue reading “An Open Commentary on the Livelihood of Generation Y”

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