In Which I Forgive, Learn, and Understand

We both learned a lot from our relationship, that’s for sure, and you have no idea how much I’ve grown. I’m at a point in my life where I can forgive you. I do forgive you. Of course, that doesn’t justify anything that happened between us, anything you did to me. That said, I also recognize how twisted and unhealthy our relationship was and how it drove us both to act insensitively and, often times, quite selfishly. I know I was incredibly selfish throughout much of our time together…

A few nights ago, I gathered the courage to write and send a message to my ex-boyfriend. This ex-boyfriend. Well, to be quite clear, the only ex-boyfriend. In my Continue reading “In Which I Forgive, Learn, and Understand”

In Which I Talk About Some Extremely Private Parts of Myself that I Guess are Pretty Public Now

Reblogging this one from a few months ago. I reread it today and realized it probably is the post I’m most proud of to date…and I’d like to get it out to a wider audience now that I sort of kind of have one.

It's a Britta Bottle!

Dear Reader,

It’s about to get personal…

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Let’s Clear a Few Things Up, Please

As many of you know, my most recent blog post was quite personal; in this blog post, I exposed my own experience with sexual abuse. I discussed the person I was at that time and how I have most definitely changed for the better since then.

The feedback I’ve gotten regarding has been wonderfully supportive. Thank you to those of you who commented on my post or made a point to personally tell me how much you appreciated it.

Despite all the positive feedback, I feel I have to clear some things up. I only Continue reading “Let’s Clear a Few Things Up, Please”