Nostalgic Appreciation

Clayton A. Gay Hall.

It’s ugly (Cold War era, looks like a bomb shelter ugly). My room is too warm all the time. The bathrooms could be a smidge bigger. The walls are too thin and the Continue reading “Nostalgic Appreciation”

Monday Funday

Well, most people (including myself) wouldn’t cut right to the chase and call Mondays fun. As a tired college student, I generally despise Mondays–especially last semester, since Monday was not only the start of a busy week, but it also happened to be my¬†busiest day of the week.

So, no, I generally wouldn’t call Mondays fun.

Yesterday, though. Yesterday was different. It probably would have been better than an average Monday already, seeing as I am still on break and have zero immediate obligations. However, yesterday was just an all around awesome day
for a couple of reasons: Continue reading “Monday Funday”