Thinking Ahead to One Last Winter Break

Whenever lengthy breaks from school roll around, I always end up holing up in my parent’s house for a good two weeks. The introvert in me takes over and I switch off between reading for fun, watching Netflix, and sleeping to fill up my time. I might go out and see a an old friend from high school once. Maybe twice if I’m lucky.

During these breaks, it’s very possible that I wont leave the house for days unless I actively make plans with someone. This can actually turn out to be a bad thing, because when I’m not doing anything with my life, I get really anxious.

That’s not the point, though. The point is, break is so close. A week from now, I will be done with everything and this long and grueling semester will be over. Continue reading “Thinking Ahead to One Last Winter Break”


I was that college freshman who couldn’t wait for move in day. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. To leave my family behind and start anew. When my freshman floor mates complained of homesickness, I thought they needed to grow up…isn’t college for meeting new people and experiencing new things? Home is the exact opposite of that, so why would I want to go home? Homesickness was silly in my mind. As a first year college student, I went home over breaks because I had nothing better to do (stay in Morris when everyone else is gone? How boring!), though I didn’t necessarily jump with excitement at the thought of it.

Now, as a senior in college, I look at home differently. I am trying to enjoy the moments at home as best as possible because I don’t know if I’ll be close enough to visit home on a regular basis come this time next year. I may very well be back home for a little while, but I could also be across the country for all I know. Only time will tell. I’m also an over exhausted college student with a work load that would have made my freshman self cringe and home has become a place of comfort and relaxation. Home is a place where sleep can happen and where good food awaits.

I’m thankful to be able to come home to a nice comfortable place in the midst of a busy semester. I’ll be even more thankful when I come back in around three Continue reading “Home”

Stargazing on the Prairie

I am lucky enough to live in a location where the stars are visible at night. There might not be a lot to do out here out on the prairie, but go to any city in the world and you wont see the myriad of stars that fill up a clear night sky in a rural setting.

Tonight I went stargazing with some friends. We bundled up in warm clothes, as it is a chilly (though beautiful) autumn night; I brought out my TOMS Nepal Boots that are oooh so toasty for the first time since last winter and grabbed my mittens for good measure (and boy, did I end up needing them). We headed out to a field that is close to campus, lied down on the grass, and found ourselves viewing a completely different world.

I was feeling really anxious today, I think because I’ve been overwhelmed by my history senior seminar. I absolutely love my topic (I’m examining the Blair family as a case study for understanding pre-Civil War Northern Nationalism, which I find to be so interesting), but I think I have too many sources and I don’t Continue reading “Stargazing on the Prairie”

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