A Moment of Literary Nerdiness

Apparently, today is Charlotte Brontë’s birthday. How in the world did I know this before approximately two seconds ago? This lady is one of my favorite authors!

Anywho, this isn’t just any birthday, though. It’s her 199th birthday…sooo close to being two centuries old! You go, girl!

Because Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time, I thought I’d insert this bit of CB wisdom into my blog on this important day: Continue reading “A Moment of Literary Nerdiness”

Little Things, Content Moments

Here’s a story:

I spent last summer interning in Washington D.C. For eight weeks, I lived the quite unglamorous, but adventurous life of an unpaid intern in one of the United State’s most expensive cities. I lived in shitty intern housing (we found not one, but TWO unwelcome fungi growing at the base of our bathroom vanity in the course of my time there); I lived off of a pretty cheap diet that would have left my mother concerned (I finally caved in about the fourth week and paid the little extra money for mixed greens at the grocery store, something I initially viewed as unnecessary on my frugal budget…oh my, salad never tasted so good after those four long weeks of surviving off of Continue reading “Little Things, Content Moments”

Word Porn, Courtesy of E.M. Forster

It never bored them to hear words, words; they breathed them with the cool night air, never stopping to analyse; the name of the poet, Hafiz, Hali, Iqbal, was sufficient guarantee. India–a hundred Indias–whispered outside beneath the indifferent moon, but for the time India seemed one and their own, and they regarded their departed greatness by hearing its departure lamented, they felt young again because reminded that youth must fly.

A Passage to India

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The Top Ten Books That Have Influenced Me

I want to write more about books. When I started this blog, I intended to write about books if not frequently, at least a little more than occasionally. I even made a page at the top of my blog that will take you to all my posts about books in anticipation of this. I don’t necessarily want to write book reviews, but rather to discuss books as living, breathing entities that have affected me in one way or another. It’s difficult, though, in school, because although I am reading a lot for my history and English majors, it is rather unlikely for me to feel inspired by a book when it becomes another homework assignment to complete–no matter how wonderful it is.

I haven’t written about books lately, but I have been thinking about this post from the earliest days of this blog. This is one of my all time favorite posts from this blog, and I would say the first post that I am most proud of. So take a trip back in time to September with me, where I discussed the top ten books that have influenced me most. 🙂

It's a Britta Bottle!

So, this challenge has been going around facebook and it’s really annoying me that I haven’t been nominated yet. I’ve been an avid reader since I learned how to read and quite frankly, I’m a little insulted that no one’s nominated me. So, I’m taking it upon myself to nominate myself and just do it. Right here, right now. Because I want to, and because why not?

This was super difficult and I’m not quite sure if I can possibly rank them from 1-10, as that’s just mean. To the books.They all have influenced me in some way and those ways are all important. So, this is just a list, and a list has to start somewhere, right? Without further ado, here I go!

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Word Porn Courtesy of Carson McCullers + Some Commentary on my Own Anxieties

“The whole world was this symphony, and there was not enough of her to listen”

Every once in a while, I’ll be reading a book only to come across a quote that I find to be unbelievably beautiful. The quote speaks to me; I deeply identify with it in some way.

I am currently reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. I Continue reading “Word Porn Courtesy of Carson McCullers + Some Commentary on my Own Anxieties”

Growing Up With a Pioneer Girl

About a month ago, my grandma called me up and said, “So, I saw on Facebook that you liked something about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s autobiography coming  (Yes, yes, I totally did) and was wondering if you wanted it for Christmas?”

Before she could even finish the sentence, I was furiously shaking my head, even though I knew she couldn’t see it over the phone.

“Um, yes! That would be a dream come true!” I answered excitedly.

“Alright, that’s what you’re getting,” she replied.

So, a month and a half before Christmas, I knew what I was getting from Continue reading “Growing Up With a Pioneer Girl”

2.5 Weeks of Anxiety? Not on My Watch!

First she slept; and then she read…

Got out of bed at noon. Started to read. Haven’t done much else today.

I could get used to this winter break life.

If only my anxiety wasn’t getting in the way…

I’m the type of person that dreams of having free time like no other; when it finally happens, with my mind all the sudden free from responsibility, the anxiety I’ve Continue reading “2.5 Weeks of Anxiety? Not on My Watch!”

Poetry Bookshelves

I originally published this photo in my previous post, Fall Break Reading (My Options are Limited).

However, upon further consideration, I thought I’d take this lil photo and make it the star of its own post, so I removed it from the other post and here it is!

I took this photo a few weeks ago in the McGinnis Room at Briggs Library on campus at UMM. The McGinnis Room is this beautiful little space on the first floor of the library. The room is filled with natural light from the outside-facing windows just across from the doorway, and two long lines of bookshelves (one housing this lovely collection of poetry) straddle opposite ends of the room to the right and left of the doorway. There are Continue reading “Poetry Bookshelves”

Fall Break Reading (My Options are Limited)

A short list of what I could/should be reading right now:

  • The Faerie Queene, Edmund Spenser–for Brit Lit I
  • The Francis Preston Blair Family in Politics, Vol. I, William E. Smith–I’m using this for history senior seminar research
  • Creating Minnesota, Annette Atkins–for Minnesota History
  • Watchdogs of Loyalty, Carl H. Chrislock–also for Minnesota History
  • Various comp studies essays for my Understanding Writing research project/Understanding Writing reading assignments

An even shorter list of what I actually want to read right now:

  • So, basically, none of the above

I am currently on fall break right now. I have a nice long weekend ahead of me since I don’t have school on Monday or Tuesday. I’m currently at my grandparents house since I haven’t visited them in over a year and I thought it would be a nice, relaxing way to spend my time off.

Right before leaving school to drive here, I thought about bringing a book to read for fun. I ultimately decided not to because I figured I have so much to read for school that I thought that would keep me satisfied enough in Continue reading “Fall Break Reading (My Options are Limited)”