Continued Adventures in Job Hunting

I just submitted my first big girl job application, which is, I dunno, exciting and nerve racking and kind of crazy.

If you recall one of my posts from last week, you’ll remember that I was feeling a little overwhelmed in getting this application turned in.

Well, Christmas happened and family time happened, so it took a little longer to finish up than I would have liked, but as of this evening, it’s completed and sent in Continue reading “Continued Adventures in Job Hunting”

Once Upon a Time, I Decided to Start Job Hunting (That Time is Now)

So, I sat down here a couple hours ago with the intention of filling out a job application for a real life, post-college, big kid job.

Two hours later and I don’t have a whole lot accomplished. Facebook happened. WordPress happened. Instagram happened. Eating Christmas cookies happened. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time, I Decided to Start Job Hunting (That Time is Now)”

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