So, this thing called the writing process is a bitch sometimes.

The final draft of my senior seminar paper is due tomorrow. Naturally, I am scrambling to finish it in time. What else? I mean, you all know how much of a procrastinating senior I am by now.

Well, really, I’m also incredibly overwhelmed by this mess of a paper. I was determined to be productive yesterday but I got maybe 100 words written and just couldn’t do it anymore. This draft is so messy and I didn’t even know
where to begin.

I was on the verge of panicking…

…until I remembered a little trick courtesy of my wonderful comp studies Continue reading “WRITING IS MESSY, OKAY?”


… and just like that, after a grueling semester of blood, sweat, and tears (and a bit too much procrastination), I have finally turned my history senior seminar paper in!

The "
The in-the-moment Snapchat of excitement

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Mini Successes in Paper Writing **Nerdy Post Alert**

I just got out of a writing center appointment for my history senior seminar paper.

I read out all that I currently have of my paper (which is currently 14.25 pages) to my tutor; together, we spent the remaining time after that discussing all that I could do to improve it and expand on it. I came to some important realizations regarding my thesis and I’m now ready to tackle the rest of it before I turn it in on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

The best part of my appointment? My tutor, who is a biology major and who avoids history at all costs, told me that he was engaged during the entirety of the time he was listening to my reading it out loud. More importantly, he told me that my  paper tells a story… Continue reading “Mini Successes in Paper Writing **Nerdy Post Alert**”

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Credible Arguments and your Composition Paper

That nerdy moment when you start to follow the blog your composition studies teacher occassionally sends your Underwriting Class links to…

But seriously, I think this is worth the reblog. I’m extremely thankful for this post, actually because of this helpful reminder: “Believe it or not, the expert who counts most in all your papers is you.” As I sit down to write my history senior seminar paper, I’ll keep this in the back of my mind. In the fluster of finishing my senior seminar with the hopes of receiving a decent grade on it, it’s so easy to forget that the claim I’m making is the most important part!

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