Monday Funday

Well, most people (including myself) wouldn’t cut right to the chase and call Mondays fun. As a tired college student, I generally despise Mondays–especially last semester, since Monday was not only the start of a busy week, but it also happened to be my busiest day of the week.

So, no, I generally wouldn’t call Mondays fun.

Yesterday, though. Yesterday was different. It probably would have been better than an average Monday already, seeing as I am still on break and have zero immediate obligations. However, yesterday was just an all around awesome day
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A Love Letter to The Script

Don’t ask me how listening to a band whose lyrics mostly revolve around break ups, lost love, and other less than cheery subjects has become a coping mechanism for my anxiety.

Maybe it’s because, despite all the sadness in their songs, their music still evokes such a feeling of hope, even if it’s only a fleeting hope.

Needless to say, The Script is all I’ve wanted to listen to the last day or two. In fact, I’m listening to them right now as I write this. If only The Script had a Christmas album. Now, that would be perfect. Well, actually, probably not…there probably doesn’t need to be another mediocre Christmas album out on the market; as much Continue reading “A Love Letter to The Script”

Music Discoveries that I’m Totally in To: Daughter

Okay, I just realized this could be number one in a potential post series. I’ve never done a series of posts before, so this is exciting! I’m thinking I could do this with both music and books, since those are two of my favorite things. So, stay tuned…there may be more of these in the future.

Anywho, today I’m talking about Daughter, a musical group that hails from North London (information courtesy of their Facebook page). *Side note–I always fall hardcore for musical groups that hail from the British Isles…they’re definitely doing something right over there with their music.*

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When I was working out last, my mind was consumed with all the things I had to do and I was feeling really anxious; I was disappointed that this stress was overcoming me even while working out because I view my workouts as a time of release and rejuvenation.

Then, this song came on my iPod…

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