The Prairie. Revisited.

Energy. There is

so much Energy. Life. Joy.

In this place. Right. Here. Continue reading “The Prairie. Revisited.”


Musings and Such (Sunset Included)

So, remember the other day when I said I took some sunset photos, but they didn’t turn out?


Okay, the actual story is that I had edited them a bit and was really not confident with those edits. I didn’t think they were good enough. I mean, who am I? A PHOTOGRAPHER? I’ve heard about the rule of thirds before, but that’s basically my limited knowledge of this photography business.

I’m just a girl taking photos of the prairie on her phone and I also have really high standards for what a good photo should look like. So, naturally, I put an ungodly Continue reading “Musings and Such (Sunset Included)”

Prairie Beauty

The prairie.

What is it about the prairie?

It’s simple, it’s stark, it’s pretty good at being flat.

The casual observer might remark that there’s nothing much interesting about the prairie.

Of course, that causal observer wouldn’t be looking close enough; at how Continue reading “Prairie Beauty”