What Is This Place?

A valid question, of late.

A lot of personal growth and change has been happening in recent months. I could go into the details of all that growth and change–a previous version of Britta surely would have–but now, ¬†being so open on the internet seems incredibly invasive to me. While I may be one of over seven billion people in the world, and does it really matter what I write on this tiny corner of the internet?–the fact of the matter is, I’ve changed. What I’m comfortable putting out to the world–even to just a few readers here and there–has changed.

I’m not really sure where this blog is going. I’m not ready to be done with it, but I also don’t have a clear vision for its future. I have always seen this blog as an extension of myself–so I am perfectly fine with letting it mirror the changes in my life. I’m perfectly fine with taking time of off from writing to allow for further evolution in myself.

I suppose that’s okay, though. It’s okay to let ideas be for a while. It’s okay to let them form, mature, take differing and wildly imaginative shapes.

I have no idea what this place is right now, but it’ll figure itself out in time.

The Challenge of Writing and Direction, Direction, Direction

There are so many ideas wanting to escape my mind into a thoughtful and well-constructed blog post.

The only problem? none of those ideas are maturing into thoughtful topics to actively write about at the moment.

I have half of a draft typed up in the next tab over where I discuss my frustration with not being able to come up with anything useful, interesting, exciting to write Continue reading “The Challenge of Writing and Direction, Direction, Direction”

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