Puzzle Pieces

Break ups are funny sometimes.

Despite all the pain and hurt they can cause and have caused, they’re really quite funny.

Well, at least in my experience.

A week and a half ago, I found myself up late in the Seattle hostel my friends and I were staying in during spring break. Here, I was ferociously writing about how much I still hated my ex. Even though I thought I had gotten past that stage ages ago. Granted, I was just a little (okay, Continue reading “Puzzle Pieces”

One Step

My ex-boyfriend was away last semester, studying at another university. I was aware of this before the semester began (not because I creep on my ex-boyfriend or anything…if it shows up on my Facebook news feed, though, it’s fair game). It would be a bit of an understatement to simply say I was relieved in not having to see him around at the tiny liberal arts school that we both go to. More accurately, Continue reading “One Step”

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