Life’s Little Victories as Told Through Pictures, Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of Life’s Little Victories as Told Through Pictures!

Today I woke up feeling border-line depressed. This was surprising for me, since I haven’t felt anything close to depression since last spring when I experienced my absolute worst mental health issues to date. Usually my anxiety is all I have to deal with mental-health wise; I very rarely feel depressed at all, if ever. That being said, although I have more problems with anxiety in general, I am still susceptible to depression. In case you didn’t know (and you probably don’t because I’ve never mentioned it before) my official diagnosis is an adjustment disorder. Basically, this means my body reacts to periods of transition much more intensely than other people’s bodies do; both anxiety and depression can manifest themselves during Continue reading “Life’s Little Victories as Told Through Pictures, Second Edition”

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