The Best Friendships

Sometimes you meet a person and you immediately know you’re going to be friends for life.

Other times, it takes a bit longer to figure that out.

Regardless, the best friendships are those that bring out the best in you.

The best friends are those that love and respect you for who you are. Always. Regardless of your mess ups, your mistakes. They know you will become a better person because of them, that you will learn and grow from them.

They push you when they know you need it and pull you back only if they truly question whether a decision is in your best interest.

They’ll always be honest, even if the truth hurts…and they sometimes know Continue reading “The Best Friendships”


Skype Dates are the Best Dates (Sometimes)

There is nothing quite like chatting with a good friend about topics you’re both passionate about.

Even if it is over Skype.

I just lost track of time catching up with my dear friend, Phoebe. I had meant to chat with her for only an hour or so…but that ended up turning into over two Continue reading “Skype Dates are the Best Dates (Sometimes)”

In Which I Prepare for an Adventurous Spring Break

Hey all,

Just a heads up that I’m heading off for a spring break adventure with two of my college buddies tomorrow…I’m not bringing my computer and I’m going to try my darnedest to stay off social media!

I have some posts scheduled for next week, just because I had the ideas and Continue reading “In Which I Prepare for an Adventurous Spring Break”

Monday Funday

Well, most people (including myself) wouldn’t cut right to the chase and call Mondays fun. As a tired college student, I generally despise Mondays–especially last semester, since Monday was not only the start of a busy week, but it also happened to be my busiest day of the week.

So, no, I generally wouldn’t call Mondays fun.

Yesterday, though. Yesterday was different. It probably would have been better than an average Monday already, seeing as I am still on break and have zero immediate obligations. However, yesterday was just an all around awesome day
for a couple of reasons: Continue reading “Monday Funday”

Finding Meaning in Old Friendships

Friendship is a funny thing.

I have people in my past whom I’ve lost touch with (as we all do). I have people in my past whom I occasionally talk to over Facebook and other social media, but if we got together to talk in person, it would most definitely be painfully awkward Continue reading “Finding Meaning in Old Friendships”

The Beauty of a College Night Off

Yesterday, one of my good friends turned 21.

Naturally, being the college students that we are, we got together for a night of drinking and celebration.

My friend wanted a more intimate experience on her birthday instead of going out to bars, so we stayed in and celebrated in another friend’s apartment. The plan was for six of us girlfriends to get together for a girls night; it only ended up being three of us for the whole night because one friend got really sick, another wasn’t feeling that great, and another’s boyfriend ended up visiting and she didn’t want to intrude on our girls night with him. We had a few visitors throughout the night and two of our guy friends stopped by briefly, but otherwise it was just the three of us.

It was a good night. I’m not a big drinker–getting wasted every weekend is certainly not my idea of fun–but I do enjoy drinking occasionally. My friends joke that I don’t drink that often but when I do, I’m very “passionate” about it. Why? well, I usually end up getting drunk. You could say my motto is “go big or go Continue reading “The Beauty of a College Night Off”