Choosing Growth

When you have demons, I’ve learned it’s best to just confront them. Confrontation is the often first step in moving forward.

Helping yourself. That’s where true confidence comes from. Helping yourself starts from within. Often times, that first step comes in the form of confronting your demons.

Not that that’s an easy task. Such a task can be damn hard. But in my short twenty-two years of experience with this thing called life, it has always seemed to Continue reading “Choosing Growth”

The End (Or, the Beginning of the Rest of My Life)

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. — A.A. Milne

Have you ever asked yourself why you love something?

One of my friends asked me this the other day and I didn’t really know how to answer.

“Er…it’s really complicated, how do I even begin to explain?”

But really?

As I prepare to graduate today, I can’t help but ask myself all the reasons I love Morris. It’s a common string of words for me to say these days. I’ve said it plenty of times here on the blog. “I love this place so much. I’m going to miss it.”

But why? Why do I love this place so much? What is that it I’m going to miss?

Sure, it’s a beautiful place. As a prospective student, I fell in love with this campus Continue reading “The End (Or, the Beginning of the Rest of My Life)”

Little Things, Content Moments

Here’s a story:

I spent last summer interning in Washington D.C. For eight weeks, I lived the quite unglamorous, but adventurous life of an unpaid intern in one of the United State’s most expensive cities. I lived in shitty intern housing (we found not one, but TWO unwelcome fungi growing at the base of our bathroom vanity in the course of my time there); I lived off of a pretty cheap diet that would have left my mother concerned (I finally caved in about the fourth week and paid the little extra money for mixed greens at the grocery store, something I initially viewed as unnecessary on my frugal budget…oh my, salad never tasted so good after those four long weeks of surviving off of Continue reading “Little Things, Content Moments”


So eloquently said.

I’ve been thinking about change a lot lately and I probably couldn’t have said it better if I tried.


Change is the law of life. The only way to make sense out of it is embrace, move and dance with it. And since we cannot change reality, let’s change the way of looking at it. A wise man said: “Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.”

I say:

Based on my personal point of view, people evolve. (And with that come changes) we grow/develop/advance with each passing year whether we like it or not and most of the times we are not aware of those changes since it happen very gradually. With age comes maturity. Our wants and needs evolve with us. Our preferences and priorities changes as well to better suit our current situation and frame of mind. With that we create a more convenient environment to accommodate our present way of life. Feelings do alter as well. Time does heal every…

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