The Little Things: A List

I’m continuing to discover that it’s the little things that matter most.

Currently, these include:

  1. Having a third of my students come up to me to hug me as I leave class for the day.
  2. Eating out by myself and successfully ordering food completely in Thai.
  3. Working one on one with a student and seeing his concentration as he really tries to take something away from the lesson.
  4. Getting a ride home from work from a group of Thai teachers–just because they can.
  5. Getting a ride to work from a student’s parent on the back of his motorbike–again, just because he can.
  6. Waking up early enough to see the sunrise.
  7. High fives in class, all day, every day.
  8. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  9. Popsicles at lunch break.
  10. Watching the sunset.
  11. Being here. Right now.

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I was that college freshman who couldn’t wait for move in day. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. To leave my family behind and start anew. When my freshman floor mates complained of homesickness, I thought they needed to grow up…isn’t college for meeting new people and experiencing new things? Home is the exact opposite of that, so why would I want to go home? Homesickness was silly in my mind. As a first year college student, I went home over breaks because I had nothing better to do (stay in Morris when everyone else is gone? How boring!), though I didn’t necessarily jump with excitement at the thought of it.

Now, as a senior in college, I look at home differently. I am trying to enjoy the moments at home as best as possible because I don’t know if I’ll be close enough to visit home on a regular basis come this time next year. I may very well be back home for a little while, but I could also be across the country for all I know. Only time will tell. I’m also an over exhausted college student with a work load that would have made my freshman self cringe and home has become a place of comfort and relaxation. Home is a place where sleep can happen and where good food awaits.

I’m thankful to be able to come home to a nice comfortable place in the midst of a busy semester. I’ll be even more thankful when I come back in around three Continue reading “Home”