Musings and Such (Sunset Included)

So, remember the other day when I said I took some sunset photos, but they didn’t turn out?


Okay, the actual story is that I had edited them a bit and was really not confident with those edits. I didn’t think they were good enough. I mean, who am I? A PHOTOGRAPHER? I’ve heard about the rule of thirds before, but that’s basically my limited knowledge of this photography business.

I’m just a girl taking photos of the prairie on her phone and I also have really high standards for what a good photo should look like. So, naturally, I put an ungodly Continue reading “Musings and Such (Sunset Included)”

Spring Evenings

It’s been so nice out lately and, as result, I’ve taken my running outside. I’ve never been one to run outside in Morris extensively before, but I have to admit it’s really beautiful and I so wish I would have gotten into this habit a couple years ago.

The other night, I went out in the evening and I had the pleasure of watching the sunset out on the trails by campus. It was an absolutely beautiful and perfect Continue reading “Spring Evenings”

Excuse Me while I get Maybe a Little too Excited About Photography

Realization of the day:

I am a writer who has a deep-set appreciation for the work that other writers produce. That is an undeniable fact about myself that will probably never change.

That being said, oh man, the amount of photography blogs I have been following of late is kind of ridiculous.

I’ve had a weak spot for good photography since I first met Nina, one of my Continue reading “Excuse Me while I get Maybe a Little too Excited About Photography”

Black Smoke Clarity

I’ve already told Hagen that I love her poetry (because I do).

This one in particular, though. I feel like it sums up my feelings about life in a nut shell. As I start to think about post-graduation life and where I’ll end up after college, I think this is a particularly poignant reminder that as scary as change can be, it can also be beautiful and wonderful and, often times, for the best.

Enjoying Fall on the Prairie

This is my fourth year living in Morris.

This is the first year that I’ve realized how beautiful fall out on the prairie can be. Maybe it’s because it’s senior year and I’m appreciating everything about Morris a little bit more and maybe it’s because  Fall 2014 has been exceptionally beautiful out here on the prairie. It’s probably a little bit of both.

It’s the first day of November and I know that that means fall will be over sooner than later. It’s another perfect day out today, but it’s hard to tell how many more of those we’ll have, especially since the last two days were really, really cold and sort of dreary. You can never tell in Minnesota. One day it’ll be 70 degrees outside and the next day it will be 30 degrees out. Mother Nature offers no guarantees in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

Regardless, this is the type of fall people dream about. The type of fall you see on postcards and travel brochures. The number of clear, blue sky days with the sun shining at full force that we’ve had out here in Morris is more than I can count on two hands. It doesn’t even seem real. To make it more dreamlike, the temperature has been absolutely perfect. Most days, a sweatshirt or light jacket have been sufficient outside. Continue reading “Enjoying Fall on the Prairie”

Poetry Bookshelves

I originally published this photo in my previous post, Fall Break Reading (My Options are Limited).

However, upon further consideration, I thought I’d take this lil photo and make it the star of its own post, so I removed it from the other post and here it is!

I took this photo a few weeks ago in the McGinnis Room at Briggs Library on campus at UMM. The McGinnis Room is this beautiful little space on the first floor of the library. The room is filled with natural light from the outside-facing windows just across from the doorway, and two long lines of bookshelves (one housing this lovely collection of poetry) straddle opposite ends of the room to the right and left of the doorway. There are Continue reading “Poetry Bookshelves”

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