A Not So Conventional Post About Today’s Election

It’s story time, everyone!

The Setting:  The Congressional Baseball Game, Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.

The Players: Myself and three of my roommates, two who identify as Democrats and one who identifies as a Republican

It is hot and sticky at the Congressional Baseball Game and I am sweating. I am also bored to tears because, although I thought it would be cool to watch congressmen play baseball, nobody from Minnesota is playing; naturally, being the individual that I am who doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention to politics, I don’t know who anybody is.

The roomies and I are sitting in the Democrat section. This is funny because my Republican roommate is the one who chose the spot, unaware that she chose to sit with the opposing team. The Democrats are winning and the people around me are going crazy. My Republican roommate makes squeals of disappointment  every once in a while and is the lone enthusiast for the conservative team’s success in a sea full of liberals.

At one point, one of my Democrat roommates makes a comment about how “the two Republicans over there are are probably disappointed” or something to that extent; she is referring to my roommate and myself. My Republican roommate and I are sitting in front of her and I turn back and say, “I’m not a Republican.” She shockingly says, “well, what are you?” “I consider myself to me an independent. I Continue reading “A Not So Conventional Post About Today’s Election”

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