Greetings from Minnesota…

So long, Fall… the First snow (or should I said blizzard?) of the season has arrived, November 10, 2014

So, I know I’m not helping the very present stereotype that Minnesota is a frozen wasteland 99% of the time. This is simply not true! (See my post about Fall in Minnesota for proof)

That being said, it is very much a frozen wasteland out here today. The snow started early this morning and hasn’t let up since.

I’m not sure how I feel about this, I really don’t. I look out my window and think, “gee, that’s pretty!” but then I step outside…as the biting prairie wind seeps through my entire body, I miserably ponder about how today is only the beginning. Dear, sweet, green grass…we will meet again in May (if we’re lucky). Continue reading “Greetings from Minnesota…”


When I was working out last, my mind was consumed with all the things I had to do and I was feeling really anxious; I was disappointed that this stress was overcoming me even while working out because I view my workouts as a time of release and rejuvenation.

Then, this song came on my iPod…

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Waking Up With the Blogosphere

This morning I found myself sitting at my laptop, a cup of coffee in hand, catching up on all the recent posts from the blogs I follow. There were quite a handful of them; I opened them all up in separate tabs to read them and indulged myself in the unique words of my fellow bloggers.

While reading these posts, I realized how amazing it is that I can open my computer at my leisure and engage in these conversations with people the world over simply because we all happen to have our own small space in the blogosphere. Thirty years ago, this would have been unthinkable. It’s so cool that, through blogging, we have the opportunity to learn and grow from so many interesting, fun, and knowledgeable individuals who we otherwise would never have had the opportunity to make contact with. I have quite a few qualms with technology and its uses, but blogging isn’t one of them. The blogging experience is so amazing and I’m so glad that I’ve decided to take part in it.

Here’s to many more mornings of drinking coffee and exploring the blogosphere.

It’s that Time in the Semester When College Students Begin to Lose their Shit…

My brain is fried today.

I spent all of last night and a part of this morning working on my history senior seminar. I only have seven pages of my paper. I  know I should have more given that my rough draft is due on Tuesday. I keep telling myself that that’s seven pages I didn’t have a few days ago. My senior seminar still has a long way to go. Did I mention my rough draft is due Tuesday? I keep having to remind myself that a rough draft is just that…rough. There is going to be nothing beautiful about it and as long as I have all the basic ideas down on paper is some way, shape, or form, I’ll be alright. I’m shooting for twenty pages with this rough draft, but we’ll see what happens.

I have a lot of reading to do tonight, but I can’t focus right now on any homework. I’m going to head off to the gym soon to get a much needed work out in. Right now, sitting down to write a blog post is some much needed down time.

It’s getting to that point in the semester where life as I know it just stops happening and I become a bit of a mechanical robot. Class. Homework. Eat. Homework. Homework. Sleep. Repeat. Friends become a thing of the past. Talk of a solid eight hour’s rest at night would be a laughable matter if my current sleep schedule, or lack of one, wasn’t actually such a serious issue. But really, sleep is so important and I don’t get enough of it. Continue reading “It’s that Time in the Semester When College Students Begin to Lose their Shit…”

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Credible Arguments and your Composition Paper

That nerdy moment when you start to follow the blog your composition studies teacher occassionally sends your Underwriting Class links to…

But seriously, I think this is worth the reblog. I’m extremely thankful for this post, actually because of this helpful reminder: “Believe it or not, the expert who counts most in all your papers is you.” As I sit down to write my history senior seminar paper, I’ll keep this in the back of my mind. In the fluster of finishing my senior seminar with the hopes of receiving a decent grade on it, it’s so easy to forget that the claim I’m making is the most important part!

A Not So Conventional Post About Today’s Election

It’s story time, everyone!

The Setting:  The Congressional Baseball Game, Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.

The Players: Myself and three of my roommates, two who identify as Democrats and one who identifies as a Republican

It is hot and sticky at the Congressional Baseball Game and I am sweating. I am also bored to tears because, although I thought it would be cool to watch congressmen play baseball, nobody from Minnesota is playing; naturally, being the individual that I am who doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention to politics, I don’t know who anybody is.

The roomies and I are sitting in the Democrat section. This is funny because my Republican roommate is the one who chose the spot, unaware that she chose to sit with the opposing team. The Democrats are winning and the people around me are going crazy. My Republican roommate makes squeals of disappointment  every once in a while and is the lone enthusiast for the conservative team’s success in a sea full of liberals.

At one point, one of my Democrat roommates makes a comment about how “the two Republicans over there are are probably disappointed” or something to that extent; she is referring to my roommate and myself. My Republican roommate and I are sitting in front of her and I turn back and say, “I’m not a Republican.” She shockingly says, “well, what are you?” “I consider myself to me an independent. I Continue reading “A Not So Conventional Post About Today’s Election”

Enjoying Fall on the Prairie

This is my fourth year living in Morris.

This is the first year that I’ve realized how beautiful fall out on the prairie can be. Maybe it’s because it’s senior year and I’m appreciating everything about Morris a little bit more and maybe it’s because  Fall 2014 has been exceptionally beautiful out here on the prairie. It’s probably a little bit of both.

It’s the first day of November and I know that that means fall will be over sooner than later. It’s another perfect day out today, but it’s hard to tell how many more of those we’ll have, especially since the last two days were really, really cold and sort of dreary. You can never tell in Minnesota. One day it’ll be 70 degrees outside and the next day it will be 30 degrees out. Mother Nature offers no guarantees in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

Regardless, this is the type of fall people dream about. The type of fall you see on postcards and travel brochures. The number of clear, blue sky days with the sun shining at full force that we’ve had out here in Morris is more than I can count on two hands. It doesn’t even seem real. To make it more dreamlike, the temperature has been absolutely perfect. Most days, a sweatshirt or light jacket have been sufficient outside. Continue reading “Enjoying Fall on the Prairie”

I’m in a Complicated Mess Called Love and I’m Okay With That

Earlier this semester, my Understanding Writing class was assigned to write literacy autobiographies. Basically, we could write about whatever we wanted as long as we discussed our own personal experiences as writers. We were challenged to approach this assignment differently than we usually approach academic writing assignments, but other than that, the requirements were pretty limited. We went through our rough drafts in small groups and then, after being given a week to revise those rough drafts (where I took the opportunity to rewrite my entire paper) we posted our final drafts on Google Drive for everyone in the class to read and respond to.

I chose to write my literacy autobiography with a lot more freedom than usual. In fact, the final draft looks a lot more like one of my blog posts than any formal writing assignment I’ve ever written. With that freedom came more of my personality and more of my personal experiences. I got really personal in my literacy autobiography. In their comments on Google Drive, a couple of my classmates commended me for how courageous I was to write so openly about these personal aspects of my life. They called me brave to touch on these subjects at all.

As much as I appreciate the positive responses I got about my literacy autobiography, I don’t see myself as brave for writing what I did. I was just being honest. To write my literacy autobiography without those personal aspects of my story would not have been honest and in my Continue reading “I’m in a Complicated Mess Called Love and I’m Okay With That”

Fighting off the evil College Monster

Lately, I have been having this constant daydream of sitting down with a good book and losing myself in it. I’m not analyzing or questioning the text in any way; I am enjoying the book for what it is…a book with an engaging story that allows me to escape into another world for a little while. A nice, hot cup of tea is sometimes involved in this daydream.

Alas, college has taken over my life and this daydream has failed to become any sort of reality. I thought about writing my own post about this, but I think my fellow Morris English major, Amelia, has said it best. It’s getting to that time in the semester where the evil College Monster is simply becoming unavoidable.

Keep Your Feet

Every once in a while, College likes to pick you up, toss you in the air a bit, and then to grind you into dust.  It doesn’t matter how diligent a student you are–no amount of non-procrastination shields you from its bloodthirsty gaze.  When College decides to devour you, you really don’t stand much of a chance.

But still, valiant scholastic warrior that you are,  you grab your textbooks, put your laptop in your bag (just in case) and step into the fray.  Wielding your mighty number 2 pencil, you are determined that no amount of homework, tests, and studying will defeat you.  You will not go down without a fight.

That pretty much sums up my week.  Unexpected projects and assignments have come up, leaving me to study every second of the day and still come up short.  I hit a point where I was sitting in my Visual…

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A Letter to My 18 Year Old Self

Late last night, I was looking through my computer and found some old Word documents that hadn’t been looked at in ages. In particular,  I took a look at a makeshift journal I had created during my freshman year of college, since I had left my paper journal at home and was looking for a way to vent about my feelings in the pre-blogging stage of my life. I was astounded to read some of the things I had written in this journal…I sounded so lonely and dejected. Looking back, I am well aware of the fact that I wasn’t at my happiest during this time, however reading the things my 18 and 19 year old self had to say was a bit of punch to the gut…I couldn’t believe this is the life I was living. I’ve grown so much in the past four years, and for that I am incredibly thankful. I hardly recognize the girl I was when I started at Morris and that is most definitely a good thing. However, I think it’s worth looking back to see how far I’ve come. After all, that is in the true spirit of the purpose I had in creating this blog.

After reading a particularly raw entry from January 2012 where I simply stated how lonely I was, I decided to give my 18 year old self a pep talk. The below letter is the result:

Dear 18 year old Britta,

You’re going through a bit of a rough time here. You were so excited to go to college and now you’re there. You’re halfway through your freshman year, which is crazy (but believe me, you’ll think it’s even crazier when senior year rolls around). You finally have a boyfriend (isn’t that what you’ve been dreaming of your whole life?) and you’ve met a lot of fun people at Morris. Despite all that, you’re hurting. You feel that you shouldn’t be, given your circumstances, but you are and you know it. You know you’re an introvert and you know that you have trouble connecting with people because of that, but it just sucks that these people you met at the beginning of the year and who you were so excited about getting to know, aren’t connecting with you in the way Continue reading “A Letter to My 18 Year Old Self”