In Which the Urge to Photograph Strikes

There must be a budding photographer somewhere inside of me.

There must.

— — — —

I’m sure you photographers out there have those moments where you see something you absolutely positively must take a picture of…but you don’t have your camera on you (of course, I’m sure any serious photographer wouldn’t not have their camera on them, but that’s besides the point). In your enchantment with the subject at hand, you go to great lengths to obtain a camera, hoping beyond hope that the subject in question will still be there, as is, when you get Continue reading “In Which the Urge to Photograph Strikes”

Excuse Me while I get Maybe a Little too Excited About Photography

Realization of the day:

I am a writer who has a deep-set appreciation for the work that other writers produce. That is an undeniable fact about myself that will probably never change.

That being said, oh man, the amount of photography blogs I have been following of late is kind of ridiculous.

I’ve had a weak spot for good photography since I first met Nina, one of my Continue reading “Excuse Me while I get Maybe a Little too Excited About Photography”

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