This is a Rough Draft. It’s Due Tomorrow. I am Publishing it on My Blog. Okay?

This is an experiment. My lack of productivity is too real right now and I need to write the rough draft of this paper. A short while ago, I was staring at Microsoft Word for a good ten minutes without any avail. Amazingly, I was able to force three sentences of halfway decent writing onto the page. Then, my brain stopped working (okay, well, if it actually stopped working I’d be dead, but what I’m trying to say is I had no motivation to continue writing). I was at a loss for words. I had no inspiration. Instead, I played a game of 2048. I looked to see if there were any new posts on Instagram (nope). I spent five more minutes staring at the page, the three sentences I had managed to write glaring at me in disappointment; why can’t you complete us, Britta? they asked. I then complained to my friend and classmate who is sitting across the table from me about my lack of inspiration and how real my procrastination has become.

Then I had an idea.

When I am writing posts on WordPress, the words come to me. I feel inspired. Unlike the dreary and, quite frankly, depressing white space provided by a blank document on Microsoft Word, I feel enlivened when I’m writing on WordPress. Well, part of that is because I know I’m not writing for school on WordPress. Continue reading “This is a Rough Draft. It’s Due Tomorrow. I am Publishing it on My Blog. Okay?”

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