All work found on this site, unless otherwise stated, is original and belongs to the author. Reblogging is welcomed and encouraged, however please do not use the work found here for any other purposes without asking first (sharing is caring, but this is one of those situations where permission is required to do that).

All views expressed on this site belong to the author and should not be taken as the final word on any subject. The author speaks from personal experience only and has no intentions of offering professional advice in any form.

Any photos taken from the internet are provided with a link back to their original image URL; copyright infringement is not intended or encouraged in any way. Any other pictures belong to the author and, again, should not be used without prior permission.

The layout and format of this site are subject to change at any time without previous notice.

Lastly…Britta Bottle is a nickname that was given to me by a friend of mine. The title of this blog is not to be confused with the Brita Water Filter (though the nickname certainly arose from the similarities between my name and that of the water filter). I am in no way, shape, or form endorsing the Brita brand name–this blog is just, well, me.

Thank you for stopping by…I hope you can stick around!


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