The MASTERMIND: A Mid-Course Reflection

I wasn’t planning to sign up for The Mastermind.

Some in the Human Design space might tell me I wasn’t following my strategy and authority by signing up for The Mastermind.

GASP! You’re a Reflector and you didn’t wait 28 days to make a big, life altering decision like entering an intensive, 3 month group coaching class?

Hell no….and I’ll tell you why.

— — —

I’ve been in the Human Design space consistently for nearly two years now. I found out about it initially in late 2019, early 2020 from a friend. While initially intrigued, it seemed complicated. As a grad student who was tight on funds, I didn’t like that I had to pay a bunch of money for the materials when I could easily access tons of free materials online from other self-help modalities (e.g. Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram). I was also turned off by the origin story (A man who called himself Ra Uru Hu tripping on LSD while channeling the Human Design System into the world didn’t sound promising to my logically trained mind). Thus, while it certainly peaked my interest, I quietly put it away without any intention of returning to it.

Well, life happened. Grad school happened. The pandemic happened. Living with people who ultimately ended up not being the best for me in the midst of lockdown happened. And in early 2021, I found myself curiously crawling back to this strange system that other people swore gave them the answers and direction they needed.

I went searching for free materials and by the grace of GUS (God, Universe, Source), I found Emma Dunwoody through her podcast, The Human Design Podcast.

I was initially drawn to her, because she had a podcast episode with another Reflector. Those who are already familiar with Human Design will know that Reflectors are rare birds. The 1%. Or Something Like That. We have zero definition. All other types have at least two centers defined, or colored in, in their charts, but we have none. We are ever changing with the transits, particularly the moon, and the people around us who activate our multitude of hanging gates. We’re supposed to wait 28 days to make major decisions, which can be a highly challenging endeavor in our twenty-first century world of instant gratification and go, go, go energy. I tell non-Reflectors in the Human Design space that I’m a Reflector and they light up. Often times, they’ve never met one. They’re so excited. They’re so curious.

Here’s a visual representation of what I’m talking about above for those unfamiliar with Human Design, but curious. This is my chart. See how all the 9 centers (The 9 varying shapes throughout the body image with numbers inside them) are white. All Reflector charts are open like this. Every other type has at least 2 of these centers colored in, if not more, meaning they have consistent energy flowing within them from those centers. Reflectors, being completely open, have no consistent energy flowing in them from any of their 9 centers.

Back to Emma’s “Interview with a Reflector” episode, which was my initial introduction to her. I absolutely loved this episode, because I was craving to hear from other Reflectors. Thus, I immediately loved and respected Emma, while not a Reflector herself, for wanting to learn more about us from an actual Reflector. It seemed like there was this wealth of information on all the other types, but people were just repeating the same sound bytes about Reflectors over and over again. Nobody really knew what a Reflector was. To discover myself, I really wanted to hear from other Reflectors and compare notes.

Which I did. A lot of. Since diving back into Human Design in early 2021, I’ve joined Reflector Facebook Groups. I’ve started listening to podcasts by other Reflectors. I was even on a Reflector podcast myself.

Through all of this, I kept listening to Emma’s podcast. I loved her non-nonsense attitude about growth and healing. I loved how she encouraged her listeners to take full responsibility for their lives–she understands that healing can’t be sugar coated. She understands that, while healing is messy business, it can lead to the most beautiful results if one is willing to go through the struggle. Most of all, I loved how she provides free content about some of the more in depth areas of Human Design, which I had had trouble accessing elsewhere.

So, by the time I heard her call for the Mastermind 1.0 that was set to start this August, I had already made a commitment to learning more about myself through Human Design. Furthermore, because I had been listening to her podcast for so long, I already trusted Emma’s knowledge of the system and felt comfortable choosing to invest in one of her longer-term programs. I was also no longer a grad student tight on funds. I was a full-time teacher with enough money saved up to invest in this opportunity.

I didn’t need 28 days to know the Mastermind was right for me, because I had spent over a year coming into the Human Design system and learning to trust it, and much of that year was spent listening and learning through Emma’s podcast. I had gone through enough Lunar Cycles already with all of this in mind to make the decision soundly, almost on the spot.

— — —

And what an aligned decision it has been for me.

I don’t have the full words to describe what this has meant to me, and I shouldn’t have the words yet…it’s not over. I still have a few more weeks in this beautiful learning space and then a lifetime to continue to connect with the other women I’ve met through the program.

Emma’s intuitive insights into her clients are so powerful. She’ll say things about you that stop you in your tracks. But not just that. She really lets us learn and grow from each other. One quality of an amazing teacher is that they let the class lead the way. And she allows so much space for us to do this in our private Telegram group. So many beautiful insights have come to fruition from us course members sharing ideas with each other.

I had no idea what a transformative healing journey this Mastermind would be for me. Honestly, I thought it would be a great way for me to dive deeper into Human Design and that would be it. I’m not even done with the course, and I already have seen how it has allowed me that and so much more. I have been able to look deeply into shadow parts of myself. Shadow parts of myself that I didn’t even realize were shadow until this course! I have watched the transformation in myself and in the other women, and wow. It has been so powerful to know we are all changing and growing together. We are not the same people we were at the start of this course, and it is so cool to know we have been a part of each other’s journey.

I’ve also learned how truly transformative choosing to invest in oneself can be. When we choose to pay money to support our personal growth, beautiful things happen. When we tell ourselves we are important enough to invest in, we are inviting in revolution into our lives.

I understand that many people out there don’t have the means to pay for a course like this. We live in a world that is, unfortunately, rampant with income inequality. Yet, there are also people out there who are monetarily secure who hoard their money out of fear rather than spending it on things that could benefit them. I know people like this. And I used to be like this, as well. In fact, that money hoarder in me still creeps up sometimes trying to shame me into holding on when my intuition says otherwise. It’s one of my shadows that I’ve been working with throughout this Mastermind.

It is no coincidence that my Conscious Saturn is in Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution, and that Saturn has been in Gate 49 all summer during my peak Saturn Return season (at publication, it will continue retrograde into Gate 13 tomorrow before bopping back to Gate 49 in November and onward to Gate 30 in January). By investing in my personal development, I am starting a Revolution in my own life. And oh, am I excited to see how that will trickle out into the world.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Yes, I feel this so deeply. And I believe that signing up for this Mastermind was that single first step I took in what I believe is a most beautiful journey.

Onward and upward.

Namaste, my friends.

Finding moments of joy in the smallest of actions — like sharing a photo of my Thailand bee mug with a friend who loves it — in the midst of all this growth.

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