Cultivating, Cultivating, Cultivating Positive Energy

Since moving at the beginning of May, I’ve felt my overall happiness level increase rapidly. It’s amazing what a space can do.

The month of April was stressful–after declining a housing offer that didn’t feel right on April 2, I spent the next few weeks touring houses and doing a lot of yoga to keep my anxiety at bay. I almost immediately knew my current house was the one when I toured it a week and a half before my lease ended. It took a few days to hear back from the roommates with verification that they had chosen me to join the house, and a few more days to get in contact with the Property Manager. My housing application for my new house was accepted a mere four days before my lease ended. I hired movers before my application was approved to ensure I’d be all ready to move on May 1, which was a bit anxiety inducing. Even though I was pretty sure my application would be accepted, there was still the small seed of doubt–what if my application falls through and I have an expired lease and these movers and no place to move to! Ah, but it all worked out.

No more dark basement! No more unhealthy resentment towards/avoidance of the person I live with!

Admittedly, I was nervous about talking about my reasons for moving during my housing search. True, it wasn’t all the roommate issue. I also really didn’t like the dark basement and craved a space with natural light. When you’re moving into a space with other people, those people can be pretty wary about hearing “roommate issues” as a reason for moving. Roommate issues in one space could easily transfer to roommate issues in another space. Still, I wanted to be honest during tours. Luckily, most people appreciated the honesty and understood that every situation is unique–different people get along differently.

My new house is just that–a whole house–with tons of natural light. I share the space with three others. The dynamic is very relaxed. We’re all friendly with each other, though we all have our own lives. This is exactly what I wanted–after the experience I had in my last space, the last thing I wanted was a pressure to socialize. Yet, I also didn’t want a situation where I felt I had to avoid my roommates. That gets uncomfortable and can be negative. It’s worked out well so far. My new house is a neighborhood over from my old house, and I’ve loved getting to know the area a bit better.

Now that I’m settled, I’m indulging in the security and contentedness that comes with feeling comfortable in one’s own home. I feel more grounded in the present, and I feel more open and less irritable. I’m living less in my head (my method for coping with discomfort) and I’m feeling more adventurous.

I feel so good about the future. I’m excited to see what this summer brings my way.

I’m happy in my new home. I working to cultivate positive energy–and, oh, it’s so much easier to do in a positive living space–and I have high hopes for the future.

I’m embracing these positive feelings and doing my best to foster an attitude and outlook that will continue to cultivate more. ❤

Shortly after moving, my good friend came from Germany to spend some time with me in the U.S. We took a long weekend in New York City–my first time there! It rained the whole weekend, but we still had a wonderful time.


2 Replies to “Cultivating, Cultivating, Cultivating Positive Energy”

  1. Glad you are in a better living situation. I’m sure that has to make all the difference in the world. And I love a place with lots of light. Have fun getting settled in! 🙂


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