King Bhumibol Adulyadej

What a privilege it

was to see Thailand under

His Majesty’s Rule

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I’ve been thinking about Thailand a lot since hearing the news of King Bhumibol’s death. It’s impossible to explain what this man means to this country; it’s really one of those things that must be experienced to fully comprehend. My heart hurts for the Thai people. I really do feel so incredibly lucky to have experienced Thailand under King Bhumibol’s rule–to see first hand what he meant to Thailand and how that affected Thai culture. He was such an influential figure in Thailand during his seventy year rule. To be the longest ruling monarch in history is a feat in itself–but to be the monarch in a country that absolutely adores you…now, that’ s something truly special. 

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4 Replies to “King Bhumibol Adulyadej”

  1. I wondered what you thought about his death. We see our country as super divided – Thailand is even more divided, kept together by this one man. I hope they can find peace and stay together without his guidance.


    1. It wasnt surprising at all to me, given he’s been ill for quite some time and hadn’t been seen publicly for a couple years. That said, when I first found out, I had an “oh crap” panicky moment because I knew how much his passing would affect Thailand. You’re right–he was very much a peacekeeper for the country. It will be interesting to see how the country moves into the future in the post-Rama IX era.

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  2. You were lucky indeed. The country is still in mourning. There are pictures and bunting and banners all over the place commemorating this beloved leader. He accomplished a great deal during his long reign.


    1. He did accomplish so much. I can’t think of any other leader in the world past or present who is as well-loved and respected by their people. I believe I read somewhere that mourning period is one year–though I’m sure the people of Thailland will never stop mourning him.

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