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    1. It felt really strange…sort of ticklish, but not really. I started laughing when I first put my feet in because it felt so funny. 🙂
      Yes, my feet actually were smoother and were quite tingly for a little while after.


      1. Hey I’m thinking of revisiting Thailand again. We did Phuket before. Which part would you recommend for a 2-3 day trip?


      2. Oh my goodness, I have SO many recommendations. Are you looking for another beach experience or something farther North? I absolutely recommend Northern Thailand. It’s a gem. Check out Chiang Mai–the old city is fabulous to walk around in and the Chiang Mai night markets are worth checking out. Really touristy, but still worth seeing. Doi Suthep is just north of Chiang Mai–it’s this gorgeous temple up on a hill that affords a FANTASTIC view of the city. Also, you MUST visit Elephant Nature Park while you’re there. It’s a bit more expensive than most Elephant Parks, but it’s so incredibly worth it. One of the best days of my life! I could go on an on about Chiang Mai–it’s my favorite city in Thailand…you really just have to experience it for yourself, though. 🙂


      3. Yes, I was thinking Chiang Mai too. What do you think of Bangkok? Maybe just one day for a quick city tour and then head on to Chiang Mai… Quickest way I guess is by plane right?


      4. The thing is, there is SO much to see and do in and around Bangkok, too. You could easily spend a couple days in the city itself. If you fly into BKK, you could easily stay a day there between flights, but there’s SO much to do in Chiang Mai that I would recommend two separate trips for both cities if you’re only looking into 2-3 day there. Chiang Mai has an airport so you could easily fly from BKK to Chiang Mai–or you could fly from other Asian cities to Chiang Mai. I flew into CNX from Hong Kong.


      5. When your time is limited, it makes it all the more harder to plan. But yeah, maybe one day in Bangkok (I don’t really do cities unless there was something that I needed to see there like the temples) and then the rest in Chiang Mai. Thanks for your advice! I will def look into your suggestions. 🙂


      6. You’re welcome! Bangkok is a SUPER overwhelming city, so if you’re not really a city person, one day should be fine. I recommend visiting Wat Pho and the Grand Palace (they’re right next to each other).

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