Thailand. Revisited.

To be fully in

love, yet so aware that it’s

time to go–it’s hard.



A follow up to this haiku. Only a couple more days left in this beautiful country.

2 Replies to “Thailand. Revisited.”

  1. OMG I so know how you felt when you wrote this. We are leaving Sydney on May 2nd. Any place where you live for an extended period of time has the ups and downs of reality, but now that it is time to leave here, I feel that I am desperately clinging to her shores. It is like that every time I leave a port. Makes sailing around the world difficult, but then there are always new adventures waiting for me in the next place…as it will be for you!


    1. Best of luck to you as you continue on your travels!
      Leaving a place is definitely hard and leaving Thailand was definitely hard, but I was consoled by the fact that I knew more than anything that it was right and that I have the opportunity to create something even better than I had in Thailand, which is pretty amazing and exciting. 🙂

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