Where in the World am I?

Since I’ve been rather silent here on the blog for the past few weeks…

Currently: Northern Thailand. I am presently sitting in a small room in the guest house I’ll be staying in for the next few days as I explore a new part of Thailand. There’s no AC and it’s a bit dingy, but it was mega cheap and I can’t complain. It’s also quaint and homey and hearing the calm conversation of the Thai people and the small fountain outside my window is quite comforting.

The last two weeks: Denmark and Germany. I had such a wonderful time being shown around Europe by an old friend who is an au pair there. Her and her friends made my experience there so memorable. More to come on that later.

The next two weeks: Thailand. I have a few days to myself and am using that to embark on a short solo trip. My parents will arrive soon and I can’t wait to show them around this country that I’ve called home for the past six months. For now, it’s just me, myself, and the small amount of possessions I’ve carried with me for the last six months.

Later (or, when the next two weeks are over): Minnesota, U.S.A. It’ll be strange to be back in my hometown but I’m ready. These last few months have been really hard for me, but I’m so grateful for all that I’ve taken away from them and all that I’ve been able to see and do in the process. Thailand will always be one of my homes on this Earth, but it’s time to move on.

I expect to have a lot to write about once I return to U.S. soil.

Stay tuned.

Møns Clint, Denmark. Taking it all in.

10 Replies to “Where in the World am I?”

  1. Yes! So glad that you got to travel to Europe (Denmark and Germany especially). My teaching career in France is coming to an end soon, too, so I’ll be returning to the U.S. soon. Can’t wait to hear about everything when you return!


    1. Absolutely ADORED Denmark and it was nice to get back to Germany and see a new part of it, also (I visited Bavaria a few years back and was in Hamburg this time around).
      It’s crazy that both of our times abroad are coming to a close. Time flies, I guess. I’m excited for the future and all that I’m sure it will bring, though.

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  2. What a great photo Britta. You’ve done such amazing things and seen so many wonderful places. How exciting having your folks come and see you, you will have the best time with them. Will you leave with them as well?


    1. Thanks, Desley! Still wasn’t able to get to Australia, though…another time, I suppose! I’m so excited to show them around. We are going all over Thailand together so they will get to see a lot of the country. I will, indeed, leave with them. When I decided it was best for me to leave, it just made sense to book a ticket for the flight they were taking back home instead of waiting.

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