3 Replies to “Business as Usual”

  1. So “craven” means “cowardly” and it sounds almost like “craving”, like being “addicted”. You know, if I smoked back in the day, I surely would have chosen some cowardly addictive smokes that claim to prevent sore throats! Sounds like a Madison Avenue fail to me!


    1. Haha, I wasn’t even paying attention to the name of the cigarette brand. My eyes went right to “Made specially to prevent sore throats” and thought, “well, I could do something with that for a haiku.”

      I absolutely agree, though! Total Mad Ave fail!

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      1. The other thing I think of is “Our arrows are razor sharp guaranteeing painless entry!” But yeah, I can see why your eye was drawn towards that sign and I did enjoy the haiku.

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