Chiang Mai: A Week (or So) In Pictures

Teacher Britta has lesson plans to complete for language camp later this week.

So, writing isn’t happening right now.

However, here’s a few pictures of this GORGEOUS country that I now call home:

I should know the name of this Wat…but I don’t

Doi Suthep is a really famous and huge and beautiful Wat (Buddhist Temple) just outside of Chiang Mai.

really, really can’t get enough of how truly gorgeous this country is.

This dog made me so happy. I don't think I made it very happy, though...
This dog made me so happy (sorta like this country does).

I’m falling in love with this country. It’s possible the U.S.A. may may never see me again.

Oh yeah–remember when I was homesick? It’s gone away, if you can’t already tell. I don’t expect that’s it over and I’m sure I’ll feel it in waves. But now? Now, life is good.

As the Thai people say, mei pen rei!

16 Replies to “Chiang Mai: A Week (or So) In Pictures”

  1. What a super post! Full of energy and beauty! I’m glad you’re feeling more at home! Great pic of you with that cute dog btw! Enjoy! Looks like Thailand is a magical place!


  2. Sawadi ka! 😀 The name of the best massage school is WatPo. You ll have to visit their temple in Bangkok. Lucky you, have a schrimp pad thai for me please ! X


    1. I still haven’t made it to a Thai massage! My plan is to get one tomorrow, but we’ll see! I need one after the looong (but amazing) week I’ve had.

      I don’t know when I’ll make it to Bangkok, but I’m sure I will at some point. 🙂


  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Gorgeous pictures! Oh, you should have said something like “Sorry, I’m not sure what Wat we’re seeing here.” Sorry, that’s the nerd in me speaking. Can’t wait to see more pictures…


  4. Glad to see this post Britta! You look really happy! Thailand is just soo easy to fall in love with. Take care teacher Britta! 🙂


      1. Me too! We are back in Florida for now and blogging is just at the back of my mind because there is just so much to do at home. We will be back in Asheville next week though so there will be time to blog again. Happy exploring! 🙂

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