Preparing for the Unknown

This is not much of a substantial post.

This is just me reaffirming what I already know–September is here and that means Thailand is happening soon.

I have three weeks to get my shit together and prepare for this wild and crazy adventure of mine.

I am so excited to explore this [what I’ve heard is] beautiful country. I am so excited to ACTUALLY USE MY ENGLISH DEGREE [something I thought I’d never actually do in an actual job] while exploring the field of education in a classroom setting. I’m excited to learn and grow and further become that person I’m striving to be. I’m excited to get outside my comfort zone…but I’m also scared. And oh boy, am I not prepared. But as much as I buy and as much as I pack…I don’t think I’ll ever truly be prepared. This is just something I gotta do. Dive into head first without looking back.

Scare yourself. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. You just might will thank yourself later.

[My mantra for this whole whole excursion]

A representation of my feels–who knows what my Thailand adventure will bring. I can only see so far ahead on my own path, and that’s okay.

12 Replies to “Preparing for the Unknown”

  1. Your trip’s coming up! Surreal, isn’t it? I’m leaving for my teaching abroad job in a few days and I’m also trying to get my shit together. As well as doing last-minute things with friends and family. It’s crazy, but I’m sure we will both make it through!


  2. Going into the unknown can be a scary adventure, but also an adventure that you will be glad you did and give you the best stories. I am looking forward to hearing about all your Thailand adventures.


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