#WeekendCoffeeShare–Drinks and Work and BLOG CH-CH-CHANGES

If we were having coffee, I’d assure you that, OH MY GAWD, I SWEAR I’M NOT A DRUNK.

The last time I was even remotely tipsy was when I wrote this post.

(I’d also assure you that that post was a hit and blogging drunk is fun)

All my friends are far away and I have no one to drink with but myself. #collegegraduateproblems

(yes, I’m writing this post slightly intoxicated, again)

— — — —

If we were having coffeeI discuss how generally boring and uninspiring this week was. At least at work. Seriously. Summer is coming to an end, folks, and that means less people want milkshakes and smoothies. And even though I’ve been making more hot coffee drinks than I have been all summer (because it’s been unusually rainy and chilly this whole week), business has been sloowww this whole week. Seriously. I spent the last hour of work last night doing practically nothing. I didn’t get a single order in that last hour of work last night.

Can't you tell how excited I am...
Can’t you tell how excited I am…

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how I did get my visa application sent in to the consulate on Tuesday and I did go to a travel clinic and got some typhoid pills and I did go to coffee with my best friend since Kindergarten. Oh, and I did get my paycheck cashed in a timely manner for once (as opposed to five days late, which has been the usual recently). So, it’s not that it’s been an unproductive week. It’s just that all that unproductiveness seems so far away since that was at the beginning of this week and now it’s the end and I’ve been working away since Wednesday at my job that has been exceedingly boring of late and I just finished binge watching four hours of Gilmore Girls and I mean, no regrets or anything, it was dandy…but talk about unproductive!

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how, even though real life has been uninspiring of late, exciting things have been happening in the blogosphere. As in, I bought my domain last night (go see for yourself in the address bar!). It started something like this: my brother noticed me blogging away last night and said, “you use WordPress, right?” and I said, “Yeah,” and he said, “I use it, too, for the website I manage at work. Did you buy your domain?” And I said “No, I didn’t want to spend the money” and he said, “Oh, I did. I like WordPress. It’s really easy to use.” Our conversation continued on for a bit after that, but the point of all this is, I started to think: “My brother bought a domain for a site that’s for work. Why can’t I buy a domain for my own personal site” So I looked into it and it was waay cheaper than I anticipated so I bought my domain, spur of the moment last night. So there you have it. No more .wordpress.com in my site address. Just brittabottle.com. I’m pretty excited. 🙂

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how I have been making some other changes to the blog. Check out my new Awards and Tags Policy page for more information on why I wont be accepting awards or tags any longer (this has been a long time coming, folks) and also, my new header image. I settled on the Plane Theme a few weeks ago and am generally very pleased with it. That said, I had been very unsatisfied with the header images I had created and so I made a new one up a few nights ago. This one’s here to stay (for now). Look for more changes on the blog when I find the time/the energy/feel inspired. I have some ideas to continue on with changes…and this blogging business is still very much a work in progress.

If we were having coffee, I’d be about ready to pass it on to you…and ask you if you have anything to share over coffee.

This post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share link up at Part Time Monster

30 Replies to “#WeekendCoffeeShare–Drinks and Work and BLOG CH-CH-CHANGES”

  1. Haha, blogging slightly tipsy is the best! No filter, and you end up writing some of your best works (at least, from my experiences).

    Sounds like exciting news! Glad you bought your domain; I have yet to do so, but perhaps in the future as well! Your trip to Thailand’s coming up; I’m getting excited for you!

    I also use the Plane theme, too! Wonderful, isn’t it? Cheers!


    1. I can’t say I blog intoxicated regularly, but I do enjoy it… the words come so easily and just make sense.

      Yup, lots of exciting stuff has been happening here, despite the fact that work has been rather unexciting. Can’t wait to get my visa in the mail. It will make it seem all the more real.

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    1. Oh man, definitely probably for the best! I’ve never tried blogging hungover but that certainly wouldn’t be for the best either…considering that hungover Britta is just a synonym for unbelievably crabby/tired Britta…and no one wants to see that, not even in the blogosphere. 🙂

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  2. I rarely drink these days–my vices lie elsewhere—but I’ve long thought that writing after drinking is a fun thing to do. 🙂

    Loving the new header you’ve got going on, and glad you spring for the new address. I considered moving the Monster from WP to a platform with fewer restrictions on adverts and affiliates, but I opted to stay on WP instead, and when I did I decided to just go ahead and opt for the .com.

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    1. Haha, it certainly is a fun thing to do. I haven’t been drinking a lot since I graduated from college (mostly because my college friends are far away and I have no one to drink with regularly) but I do enjoy drunk blogging every now and then.

      Thanks Diana, it’s so good to hear that. I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I guess I’ve never considered moving to another platform just because WordPress is so easy to use and I do so love the WordPress community. That said, you are completely right about the restrictions. I’m just glad to have a .com site now!


  3. I used to be a barmaid, I still remember the hours of boredom during a quiet afternoon when I would have 1 maybe 2 customers, (if I was lucky). There’s only so much cleaning one can do.


  4. If we were having coffee, Britta, I would let you know that I love these posts so much that I’ve decided to join in and make my own. It’s a great way to sidestep weird blogging formalities and chat about real life. That aside, working retail and having no customers is the worst! It’s so boring just sitting there, waiting for time to pass so you can get off work. I love the new header–It’s simple, sweet, and fits your site very well! I hope this next week is less boring!


    1. Weekend Coffee Shares are so much fun! I’ll have to check yours out sometime!

      Yeah, it can be so boring. I’m so glad I have baking to keep me busy most of the time when it’s slow. I’m responsible for baking and packaging cookies and muffins and other baked goods to sell in the gas station, which keeps me way busier than actually making drinks most of the time. Sometimes, though, there’s nothing to bake/not enough time to get it all done, and that’s when work gets boring.

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  5. So what’s the rule at work for when it is dead? Can you read a book? Can you write? Can you browse the web? Or do they want you to stand and wait and look busy?


    1. I’m also responsible for baking and packaging cookies, muffins, and other baked goods…so that keeps me busy a lot of the time. Otherwise, I do have to make sure to keep the espresso bar clean and stocked up, and that the coffee is fresh, etc. I usually always find something to keep me busy. Friday was an unusual and unfortunate exception. I wish I could read a book…that’d be awesome…but that’s not allowed on work hours.

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    1. I’m on season 7! After years and years of trying to get through this show, I’m almost done! And I actually felt so good after watching it for four hours. It really is good for you. 🙂
      Thank you so much, Lisa. You’re so kind and your words are so meaningful. ❤

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  6. Congrats Britta on your new domain! Super cool!! And indeed, Thailand adventures are coming soon:) ps: I like the photo you attached here!
    Happy start to your week!!
    :)) Lia


  7. Congrats on the new domain name! I just noticed it. hehe. But remember that time I told you that I had to purchase extra space to put more photos, I have an option to change my domain name too but because I didn’t have time to read through all the techy bloggy stuff, I skipped that part. I was too afraid it might change/affect my whole blog! Was it easy? Did you buy the premium?


    1. Soon easy! I didn’t buy premium since I didn’t want to spend $79 or whatever the price was. I literally just pressed, “purchase domain,” typed in what I wanted the domain to be, and put in my credit card info.


  8. Your blog looks really good with the new header! 🙂
    I also had my experiences with drunk-blogging and it can be quite fun. Well, you know what they say about writers and alcohol 😀


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