I have a funny

feeling that my world

is about to be turned

upside down

and I don’t know 

whether to feel uncertain…

or delighted

— — — —

My world is changing

preparations must be made

July 1. 2015


When I wrote this at the beginning of July, I actually wasn’t thinking about Thailand, but something else that had been consuming my thoughts at that time. That said, I found it particularly fitting that I came back across it on the same day that I got this booklet in the mail, which also happened to be the same day I was preparing my visa paperwork.

This adventure of mine is going to be here before I know it, folks, and my world will be turned upside down.

13 Replies to “Anticipation”

    1. It is, I’m getting really excited.

      Thanks for tagging me, but I politely decline. Please see my newly created (as in, five minutes ago newly created) Awards and Policies Page if you’d like more information about my views on both awards and tags.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally get your stance. I have a hard time saying no, but, then feel bad when I tag/nominate someone else. It’s like passing on the dilemma or chain email. I did see recently where someone accepted the award but didn’t continue it by nominating others. I think there’s room for all different methods of dealing with the issue.


      2. I’ve done that before, too, where I’ve participated in a tag or awards post without nominating anyone in return.

        Some people do like to do that to acknowledge the nominator without the added pressure of sending the award/tag on. I guess, my stance is that awards are greeted with a mixed bag of emotions here in the blogosphere and whenever you nominate someone from an award or tag, you have to expect that there’s a likelihood they wont want anything to do with it. That’s why I don’t feel bad about not accepting anymore, but that’s just me. I don’t think their bad, per se, and as a beginning blogger, I found awards very encouraging. That said, I just have different interests now that I’ve been blogging for a while and I would like to spend my time writing other, more meaningful things (to me, at least), instead.

        There certainly are different ways of dealing with it, that’s for sure.


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