#WeekendCoffeeShare–Productivity, When Bloggers Meet, and Is It Bedtime Yet??

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this summer has taken a lot out of me.

If not for these Weekend Coffee Shares and my Hump Day Haikus, I wouldn’t know what to blog about because…well, because I’m tired!

I’m working forty hours a week, running around all day in excessive heat. I’m exhausted and not getting enough sleep. I want to see too many people and do too many things. And it’s catching up on me.

I was supposed to go clubbing tonight with a few of my college friends. We’ve been planning it for months and  I’ve been looking forward to it all summer. I pushed the fact that I was exhausted and crabby when I woke up this morning to the side because clubbing was going to happen and it was going to be awesome.

Welp, plans changed. I had a bit of a minor break down and ended up sobbing on the phone to one of my best friends about how I wasn’t coming, how I was so upset that things didn’t work out how I was hoping they would, how I didn’t want to do new the agenda and how I was exhausted and over emotional because I’m not getting enough sleep and life is crazy right now.

This was a few hours ago. I’m better now. The tears are dried and my thoughts are more coherent….but the truth of the matter is, I’m pooped!

That’s not to say this week has been a bad one at all. In fact, it’s been extremely productive.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about how I’m moving forward with my visa paperwork for Thailand and how I’m getting my vaccinations in order, too. I went shopping for teacher clothes on Tuesday, too, which made me feel exceptionally on top of things (though, I really have A LOT more to accomplish before I leave…baby steps, though, baby steps!)

I went to dinner with one of my best friends from elementary school on Monday night, which was so lovely. The last time we were in school together was in fifth grade, which was ten years ago more or less…and we’ve still managed to keep in touch and I love getting to spend time with her, though our dinner dates have become far less frequent since we became adults and such.

I’m feeling so good about work right now, too. I feel so on top of my job and I’m realizing how much I love my coworkers. I’m really going to miss this place when I head off to Thailand. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend this summer. Working here has been such a life changing experience.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about how I met up with Sabina a few days ago and how marvelous that was. Meeting a blogger in person has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and when she told me she’d be passing through Minneapolis on a road trip and was looking for a place to stay the night, I jumped at the opportunity. Though she wasn’t here for that long and though I did end up having to leave for work around mid-morning (after getting lost in my own city between Al’s, the fun local place where we had breakfast, and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden), it was so great to actually meet and spend some time together.

I was trying to explain to Sabina’s friend Matt how to work my phone camera and this perfect candid emerged in the process.

So, yes, I’m exhausted. And yes, it’s been a bit of a rough night. But all in all? This week has been fantastic. I wouldn’t want to be exhausted in any other way.

If we were having coffee, I’d now turn it over to you…do you have anything to share over coffee?

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31 Replies to “#WeekendCoffeeShare–Productivity, When Bloggers Meet, and Is It Bedtime Yet??”

  1. If I ever drive through Minneapolis, I’ll know where to go. And if you ever decide to visit CT, I would love to show you around.


    1. Just not while I’m perusing around Thailand. It might be weird for my parents if you showed up and I wasn’t there. 😉
      Well, if I ever find myself in CT, I’ll get in touch with you. I haven’t done the East Coast and would love to venture out there someday. It will happen one day, I’m sure of that. First though, Thailand.

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      1. That’s what I thought you meant. 🙂 No. However, I will be paid as a teacher while there and the agency I’m going through will help me find living accommodations once I arrive in the city I’ll be teaching in (which is currently unknown). It’s also SUPER cheap to live there, so I’m not worried about getting by at all.

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      2. When you first applied, what was the process like? I mean, what are the requirements? Do you get to choose the country where you’re going to be teaching? Etc.


      3. I’m going through Greenheart Travel (http://greenhearttravel.org/). They have teaching positions in multiple countries and I got to choose where I was going. For Thailand, you are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree and you must be a native English speaker. I’m not sure if the requirements are different for other countries. I’ll be taking a course for a teaching certificate immediately upon arriving in Thailand and that will take about a month. It’s not required, but it’s strongly encouraged if you have no experience with teaching.

        I chose Thailand because I thought it sounded like a fascinating location and I’ve never been to Asia before (or outside of the Western world, for that matter). I also chose it for its general safety as a country overall and because I had been hearing a lot of wonderful things about it, in general. That said, there are locations all over the world where you could potentially teach English.


  2. Wow, busy bee, eh? Hopefully, work isn’t too crazy stressful; even if it is, as long as you enjoy the work, it’s all that matters.

    I just got my own VISA this week, and I’m super excited to be heading to my teaching job overseas as well! Hope your visa process went smoothly!

    And awesome that you met a fellow blogger in real life- must’ve been fun! I would love to meet with you, too, but the distance might be a problem…still, I enjoy your posts! 🙂


    1. My job isn’t stressful in the least bit (unless you count certain coworkers occasionally being a pain in the ass). It’s just really tiring, especially since it’s been so hot and humid out lately and I spend my days on my feet running around all the time. I love my job and will miss it dearly when I leave it, but adventure calls, I do think. All things must end sometimes.

      When do you leave for France? I currently have all the necessary documents strewn across my floor waiting to be put in the envelope to be sent of to the Thai Consulate. The goal is to get it all sent off tomorrow!

      It was really fun. I feel like I’ve known her forever online (even though it’s only been a few months) and it was so cool to meet in person. I hope she is only the first of many bloggers that I will meet in person in the future. 🙂

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      1. Good to hear that you enjoy your job! 🙂

        I already got my visa for France, and will be heading off in early September; it’s so surreal that it’s coming up so soon! When do you leave for Thailand, if I may ask?

        Great that you had fun with your blogger friend in real life! While I’ve never met any of my blogger friends outside of the Internet, perhaps it’s something that I’ll do one day. One will see!


      2. Wow, that is coming up fast. I’m leaving in late September. It is really surreal and nerve racking, but also super exciting.

        Meeting up with fellow bloggers is actually really easy if you both take the initiative. Sabina found me on Facebook and simply messaged me when she found out she’d be passing through Minneapolis on her road trip. I’ve also been talking to some bloggers in Southeast Asia about possibly meeting up while I’m in and around Thailand. If you both take an interest in meeting and actively find a way, I’m sure you’ll meet up with some bloggers eventually!


  3. Wow it sounds like you have stayed busy over the summer! But Thailand!? Wow that sounds and looks (from the photos I’ve seen) amazing!
    I’m sorry that you weren’t able to go out with your friends but it sounds like staying in was probably for the best. I hope that everything works out smoothly for Thailand and I cannot wait to hear all about it!


    1. I sure have! And yes, Thailand! I’ve heard so many amazing things about it and I cannot wait to get there.

      It really was for the best. I haven’t seen most of them since graduation in May, so I was really bummed about that, but I really did need to rest and I’m glad I didn’t go in the end.

      I’ll be sure to share my adventures once I’m there and settled in!


  4. Wow Thailand sounds amazing, very jealous. Working to the point of exhaustion is doable but not recommended, and I know from experience that you can only do it for so long before your body screams NO! at you. Hope you manage to get some rest this week. (a little bit of rest can go a long long way!)
    Still Thailand, just wow! 🙂


    1. I’m so excited. It will be a huge change and a lot of culture shock, I’m sure, but in the best possible way.

      Haha, yes. I generally try to avoid working until I exhaust myself, but that’s easier said than done since I work as a barista and am on my feet all day…which usually isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s been sooo hot out lately and I’m always running around.

      I have today and tomorrow off, so I’m certainly resting up as we speak!

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    1. Absolutely. i was mostly disappointed since I haven’t seen a few of my friends since graduation in May…and I was really looking forward to spending time with them. That said, I don’t regret staying home. It was much needed!

      It was super cool! So glad we got to meet up!

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  5. So cool that you and Sabina got to meet! Sounds like it was a good time.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling the stress lately, but hope that staying in allowed you to take what sounds like it was a much needed break to rest.


    1. It was a good time. Really, quite fun!

      It definitely did allow me to get some much needed rest. I got a bit in over my head last week with what I could handle and I’m glad I decided to stay in.

      I also have today and tomorrow off work, so I’m resting up hardcore, now.

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  6. I can relate to the exhaustion. Good week, but very busy with spending all day yesterday at Disneyland. To say I’m pooped (and very very sore after walking 8 miles during the whole day) is a very big understatement.


  7. A good cry, while frustrating, can be a good thing. The tears literally wash everything away. I’m glad you got to spend a little time with Sabina. I got to meet her a few weeks ago and she’s a special young lady! I hope you are able to relax and get a little bit of rest. It will work wonders!


    1. I agree, Corina, and I haven’t had a good cry in a long while. It was probably really healthy for me!

      I’m so glad I did, too. We had quite a lovely time together.

      I have today and tomorrow up, so I’m doing some hardcore resting up, thank goodness!


  8. We should start a blogging world airbnb for the weary traveler. Such things are a little trickier for me to manage, as a guy blogger in a girl blogger world, for the most part! Sometimes, the club just isn’t what the doctor ordered, that’s all, Britta. Sounds like you got what you needed.

    If we were having coffee, I’d be having Coke Zero in a coffee mug. And I’d tell you how awesome it was to meet my daughter’s boyfriend for the first time and how much I liked him. I wouldn’t spend hardly any time on my neck pain or chiropractor visits or things like that.


    1. Yes, yes! You must show proof of your blog upon entry! 🙂 That would be quite a glorious thing, I think.

      Sometimes the club isn’t what the doctor ordered, but it turns out to be alright anyways. Glad to have you here, Eli, even if you are a minority.

      Ah, that sounds nice! Glad you liked him…I’m told meeting a daughter’s boyfriend can be quite a jarring experience. (Speaking of neck pain, I could really use a good old fashioned massage right now…)

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      1. It could be exclusive, the blog bnb, like Facebook when you had to have an .edu email address to join. (I’m dating myself here.)

        He’s a good kid, thankfully. I like seeing her happy, my daughter. It does pinch a little to see some other guy make her smile. But just a little.

        More coffee for the rest of you, I suppose. Cheers.

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  9. Ah Britta, the day has almost come! Check up on youtube videos on how to pack light, tips on how to hide your cash/valuables, and some other cool travel stuff. Its amazing the stuff you learn from youtube these days!
    If we were having coffee, I would tell you that we had another group of friends come visit us over the weekend. I am pooped too from playing tourist guide for two weeks! The introvert in me is craving for all that me time. I’m glad its back to normal, for now.
    So, till next coffee share! 🙂

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    1. Yes, I’m currently reading up on Thai culture, etc, and I will certainly looking into traveling tips, too!
      I’m so excited…it’s coming up so quickly and I got my visa application mailed to the consulate yesterday!
      Hope you get some much needed introvert time. I need to get over and check out your latest posts to see how Asheville’s been treating you! 🙂

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  10. Aww, you never went clubbing? I can’t believe it.
    I feel you on being tired. I’ve been doing work training from 9-5 all week, plus moving in, plus trying to be social. Yes, I’m an extrovert and I get my energy from being with other people, but I’m exhausted and really just need some down time. Trying to remind myself that saying no is okay.


    1. Noooo, I didn’t! I’m kind of glad I didn’t since I was so exhausted Saturday night, but it was still super disappointing…we had been planning for it all summer. Plans to reschedule before I leave are in the works but that’s easier said than done since my friends and I are all so busy, and it doesn’t help that one of them lives three hours away. :/
      Hope you get some much needed down time. You’ve had such a busy couple weeks…I think you deserve it!

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