The prairie sings a

song of solitude while the

moon shines bright above

Moon edit(A new school year begins soon, a school year that I won’t be a part of…and the waves of nostalgia have been hitting me hard. I’ve been missing this place and this landscape so much lately)


9 Replies to “Nostalgia”

  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us, Britta… Nostalgia is an emotion that hits hard, especially when you know that others are beginning a new school year in a place you just graduated from. Your haiku is hauntingly beautiful….


    1. Thank you so much, Lia. Nostalgia is so powerful. It’s good, because I know I have such good memories to look back on…but it’s also really sad because I know they’re just memories now. Do I really want to go back to college? No. I have so much to look forward to ahead of me now. But I do miss it, nonetheless.

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      1. Absolutely I agree with all you’ve written here… It’s the good memories that turn into nostalgia as time goes by… It would be great to be able to freeze frame life and never let those great moments end… But like you say, you have literally a million new memories ahead of you, just waiting to be made:) Enjoy the journey!!

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  2. As you look nostalgically at the first day of classes, my girls do so with dread. It won’t be long until they’re seeing things from your perspective, as is the balance of the universe. It’s like when my dad was sick at Duke hospital – and in the same building where bad news is delivered and goodbyes are said, there are babies born.


    1. While I’m glad to not have to worry about homework and papers for the time being, I will miss classes. and my friends and the atmosphere that became my home. This feeling is good, though. It means I have good memories from this time and place. Good memories that will lift my spirits when I’m down and keep me going when times get rough.

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