Oven Kisses

Mitts on, doors open

Baked goods hot, fresh…then, a small

slip of hand–ouch! Burn!


Is it weird that I’m taking pictures of my own oven burns? Ah, well, it’s all for the sake of poetry, I tell you! Anywho, a coworker who has been working in kitchens much longer than I have told me the other day that people call these little babies oven kisses…and, as of Sunday, I am now sporting them on both arms. How romantic! 😉


11 Replies to “Oven Kisses”

    1. I don’t mind them at all, either. They’re little pieces of character, I think. Yeah, they hurt in the moment, but what can ya do–sometimes when you bake a lot, it happens…and when I’m at work and in a rush, sometimes they’re unavoidable.

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