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    1. Minneapolis is historically a mill city. It was HUGE in the grain business but now many of the grain elevators that once assisted in this booming business are abandoned. “United Crushers” isn’t actually the name of anything related to this grain elevator. I did some research on it since I was curious as to what it meant and it’s actually just graffiti. This particular elevator became known as “United Crushers” to the locals because of the graffiti, but the company name is actually ADM (as you can see is written on the elevator’s side). As for the gentrification, I meant the area surrounding this particular elevator. A new light rail line (Minneapolis’ public transportation system) just went in right next store to this elevator and new businesses and buildings are located right behind where I took this picture. I’m not quite sure if gentrification is the exact right word to describe the changes in this area as I’m not super familiar with the area itself. That said, it is something akin to gentrification and I really liked the way the word sounded in the haiku. Basically, this grain elevator remains as it has for decades while the space around it is changing drastically.

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      1. Yes, I can see why you might liken the grain elevators to gentrification. Technically, the term “gentrification” has more of a socio-economic meaning to it: it refers to an area once home to lower-income residents that gets renovated and polished for middle-to-upper class people to move into, and as a result driving out the previous, lower-income people who lived there. Still, I found your explanation of the history of Minneapolis (your hometown?) very fascinating, and I’m glad that you were inspired by the mills!


      2. Yes, I know what gentrification means and I took that into consideration when I was writing this. That said, I’m not familiar enough with this particular neighborhood to know if the changes happening are related to socio economics or not. That said, I’m not too concerned if its accurate. It’s just a haiku I wrote for fun and “gentrification”just so happened to have five syllables.
        I’m from a Minneapolis suburb. Not my hometown, but close enough. I find that by committing myself to a haiku each Wednesday, I draw inspiration from some pretty interesting stuff.


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