#WeekendCoffeeShare — Blog Changes and Life Updates (a.k.a Where the Hell Have I Been Lately???)

If we were having coffee, I’d apologize for my tardy arrival to the table. It’s been a busy and tiring weekend, folks!

If we were having coffee, I’d first point out the new theme on my blog. I realized the other day how unbelievably bored I was of my old theme. So, a new theme was in order. It’s still a work in progress. To be honest, I’m not sure how much I like it at the moment, though I do like that it’s different. The header still needs to be adjusted, as it doesn’t show up completely in mobile form…and, overall, I just feel kind of “ehh” about it right now. I really do like The Plane Theme and I love the colors…this damn header is just not quite right yet, though If you have any comments or suggestions for me regarding this dilemma, I’d love to hear them!

Speaking of blogging…if we were having coffee, I’d talk about how dismal I’ve been at keeping up with blogging lately. I  have absolutely no idea what’s going on the blogosphere. I haven’t gotten back to comments on my blog in three days and I haven’t really scrolled through my reader at all since like Wednesday? I don’t even remember, honestly. It’s not that I don’t care…I do miss all of you. Life gets busy, though…and when I’m not working, I’d rather spend my time outside enjoying the summer weather than sitting indoors staring at a screen. So, yes I’ve been MIA here…but such is life sometimes.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about how I’ve gotten to spend some real quality time with friends lately. One of my high school friends, who’s been in Denmark for the past year and who will go back in a couple weeks to Au Pair for another year, is back visiting the States for a few weeks. I had the chance to see her a couple times this week and it was her birthday on Friday…when I got off work at 7 on Friday night, I headed over to her house for her birthday party. I got to see a lot of old high school friends and we had a really nice time. It was fantastic, especially since I had had a bit of a stressful day at work. I really didn’t think I’d have such fun with this group since I haven’t seem them in so long. I honestly thought I’d grown too far a part from them by this point–but it was a great night and I’m really glad I went.

Hanging with the high school frands

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about how one of my best friends from college recently got a big kid job (which happens to be like, ten minutes from my place of employment) and moved into an apartment (which also happens to be like, ten minutes from my place of employment), and how we’ve been hanging out a lot recently given how close he is to me in general. Last night, we got together and, with the help of a recipe provided by one of my coworkers, made noodles from scratch. COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH. We were a little worried they wouldn’t turn out because, well, neither of us are known for our cooking talents…but they actually turned out so yummy. A little funny shaped and a little thick for noodles…but hey, it was our first time making them and we had a good time.

I’d also tell you about how I found the beer of my dreams yesterday while at the liquor store…

I didn’t buy it…but I should have

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how work has been keeping me busy and how my weekend is tomorrow and Tuesday…I’m looking forward to having my two days off after a long and tiring week of work. My feet are continuously achy and the number of oven burns I’ve acquired since I started working as an espresso bar barista are too numerous to mention. Baking cookies is a dangerous mission, I tell you!

Lastly, I LEAVE FOR THAILAND IN 9 WEEKS, WHAT? Please don’t mind me as I hyperventilate just a touch.

If we were having coffee, I’d be about ready to end my turn talking and I’d pass it over to you…what do you have to share over coffee this week?

This post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share link up at Part Time Monster

32 Replies to “#WeekendCoffeeShare — Blog Changes and Life Updates (a.k.a Where the Hell Have I Been Lately???)”

  1. As I type, I’m drinking my coffee so it’s a legit weekend coffee share, I’d say (even though it’s Monday)!
    I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the great pics of you and your high school friends (I love your hair bow btw!) and oh those homemade noodles and awesome bean-can roller! Brava!
    I agree that I’ve been away from blogging lately because of the summer weather and the extra daylight hours…It’s totally ok and we all understand!
    Hmmm 9 weeks until Thailand?? Wow, it’s going fast! Can’t wait for you!
    Take care and have an awesome start to the new week 🙂


    1. Thanks, Lia! I always have to wear my hair back at work since I’m working with food and I always wear headbands to work since my hair is too short to be kept back with just a hair band. It’s on the days I don’t wash my hair that I bring out the bows–in an attempt to distract from the greasiness. I always get so many comments from people about how cute my hair bows are and I’m just like, “Well, this is just my way of not looking like a greasy slob.” So glad you like it, though. I’m partial to them, too. 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve noticed that a lot of other bloggers have been MIA–or at least not posting as frequently–lately, too. It is okay, and I know that. I still feel like I should explain myself so all of you know I haven’t just disappeared.
      It is going by fast! So much to do before hand. I’m so excited and just a little nervous.
      You have an awesome start to your week, too!

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      1. I see that your cute hair bows are both functional and fashionable 🙂 Very cool vibe 🙂
        Indeed, I’m more MIA than during the colder months…Summertime beckons me outside 🙂 Thanks for letting us know you are doing well though!
        Take care, enjoy your day off and relax 🙂 Indeed time is flying fast before your departure date! So excited.
        All my very best and happy Tuesday,


  2. I like the new theme! It’s taken me ages to work through my new one, and I’m pretty happy with it but am still working on widgets and pages. Ever a work in progress!

    Glad you had a good week. 🙂


  3. I’m growing a little weary of my theme and font as well. I haven’t found one that I like. Actually, I did, but it was too expensive. Haha.


    1. Yeah, so many of the themes are more for photography blogs, etc…and even though I feature photos on my blog, I am first and foremost a writer. It took a while to find one that worked best for my needs. I really like this theme, but I still need to tinker with it and make it better for my site.

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      1. No. Premium members get their own domain name without the WordPress behind it. I’m not paying that. I pay a small sum–I can’t remember exactly what–to have unlimited options in customization of my site. And that’s only for free themes. There are some themes I’d love to try out if they didn’t cost money–but some of those themes are soo expensive!

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      2. There was a theme and font I fell in love with. We were meant to be and then I saw the price…and I took off running. I didn’t even say goodbye.


  4. Wow, nice colors! If we were having coffee, I would say exactly the same. I haven’t had much time to spend around here on The Reader and catching up with y’all’s lovely blogs. There is just so much to do here in Asheville that I don’t have time to write a decent post! Boo on me! I have to find me some downtime to sit down and write. There’s tons of stuff that I want to write. Putting it all down seems to be my problem lately. hehe. 🙂 So, yes, don’t worry we are all kinda in the same boat. Glad you’re having fun with your summer!


    1. Ah, that’s great that you’re exploring Asheville! Maybe you’ll post some pictures soon…if you can muster up the courage to get some blogging done? 🙂 I totally get not wanting to blog, though. It’s been rough forcing myself to even respond to comments. When I get home from work at night, I just want to go sit out on the front porch and read a book.

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      1. Can you believe that tonight I am finally getting in the mood to write only to find out that I maxed out on the allowed space for my blog, which means I have to purchase their premium to be able to add more photos! Arghh… sorry, just ranting. I really don’t want to pay extra but if I want to continue to blog and post photos, then I have no other choice. What to do…. These days, sitting out on the porch and reading a book sounds much better!


      2. Gah, that is frustrating! I see you have a new post with pictures up (which I hope to get to soon), so you must have figured something out! (also, rant away. Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do for yourself in my experience. 🙂 )

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      3. I bit the bullet Britta and just signed up for the premium. They have a free 14 day trial and if I don’t cancel at the end of the trial then of course, they charge me. I haven’t even gotten around to experimenting with this new thing yet. I feel so naked if my posts don’t have photos. That just goes to show how visual I am! lol.


      4. Well, I think if you’re really serious about blogging, it might not be a bad investment. I agree–paying to blog does kind of suck, but I also can’t imagine your blog without photos, either. You ARE the traveling nurse, after all, and what’s a travel blog without photos? I hope you figure out this photo dilemma, though!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. We will know at the end of this trial. I do love my photos! You know me this much. 😉 Thanks for the support.


  5. My header doesn’t work well with mobile either, since it’s an image file and not a text header. I bet that’s your issue too! Redesign is tough, but I’ve noticed a lot of people doing it recently, so you aren’t the only one tiring of your theme.


    1. Yeah, my header’s an image file, too. I’d like to try to fix it at some point, but I’d have to make time for that and I don’t really want to do that at the moment. So busy with so many other things! Agreed–redesign is tough. I’m still not 100% satisfied with mine, so I’ll see where I go with it.

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