Drink of Choice


Fruity, Flirty, Fun with just

a hint of lemon



**Contrary to the title of this piece, the Cosmopolitan is not my drink of choice. Give me a Jameson and Lime any day, though, and I’m a happy camper.

7 Replies to “Drink of Choice”

  1. Still, this looks yummy, Britta! (To be honest, I’ve never had a Cosmopolitan.) Keep up the good work with your Hump Day Haikus; it’s a catchy phrase, too.


    1. Oh. just because it isn’t my drink of choice doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. 🙂
      Hump Day Haikus are the easiest to prepare and their so fun, so I intend to keep up with them. Glad you enjoy them, Meghan,

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  2. Even though a Cosmopolitan isn’t your drink of choice, your haiku was fab!
    Perfect photo and haiku for a summer’s evening!


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