In Which the Urge to Photograph Strikes

There must be a budding photographer somewhere inside of me.

There must.

— — — —

I’m sure you photographers out there have those moments where you see something you absolutely positively must take a picture of…but you don’t have your camera on you (of course, I’m sure any serious photographer wouldn’t not have their camera on them, but that’s besides the point). In your enchantment with the subject at hand, you go to great lengths to obtain a camera, hoping beyond hope that the subject in question will still be there, as is, when you get back? Does that ring a bell to anyone here?

Well, that happened to me yesterday.

I was out in the driveway giving my car a much needed washing when I looked down on the pavement and saw the most perfect leaf sprinkled with the most perfect water droplets. I was in awe at the beauty of this moment, the way nature creates and how it did so right in that time frame when I happened to be outside washing my car. A picture was needed, and needed ASAP, before something went and destroyed this perfect image (e.g. my foot in an all too frequent clumsy moment). Of course, my phone, which houses the only camera I own, was inside. So, naturally, I put down the sponge I’d been washing the car with, made sure my hands were dry, and headed in to grab said phone.

— — — —

I know I’m very much an amateur, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I’m not that serious about photography, but I do enjoy it. There is definitely a photographer somewhere inside of me, a small part of me that enjoys taking part in this magical art form from time to time…otherwise, I would have looked at the leaf, appreciated it, but would have quickly diverted my attention back to my car. Going inside to grab my camera certainly wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

I’m so glad I got this shot. It’s not my best (I’m not used to shooting such close up shots), but I love that I captured this beautiful moment in time.

As they say, life really is all about the little things.


29 Replies to “In Which the Urge to Photograph Strikes”

    1. Ah, what? I don’t know why. I scheduled this post so wasn’t actually awake when it was published but I just went to check and see if all was well with it and it looks fine and dandy to me. Maybe try again?

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  1. Dearest Britta! For some reason, WP didn’t have me following you anymore! I was wondering about you and now see so many lovely posts you wrote in the interim! I’m so sorry. I love your leaf photo and look forward to reading the posts I missed!!!!
    Hope all is well!!!


    1. Oh goodness, I’m so glad you found me again, Lia.
      Truthfully, I was wondering where YOU went, though I knew you couldn’t have gone far since I see you on Instagram. I’ve been missing your insightful and encouraging comments and figured you might have accidentally unfollowed me. I’ve done that before, too. No worries! Glad to have you back, though. 🙂

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      1. I’m glad it’s all worked out now! It’s strange about the technical glitch … I’m sorry about that ! And I’m honored to hear that my comments inspire and encourage you… What a nice way to start the day! Happy Wednesday!

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  2. It’s beautiful, Britta. You caught the bug! Teehee. There’s something so satisfying about capturing “ordinary” perfection. It’s everywhere. The more you appreciate it, the more it will show up.

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  3. You do have the eye for beauty, finding beauty in the most mundane of things. And you don’t have to be a photographer to capture it. You can always capture it with your eyes, your heart and soul. Of course, taking an image is also an alternative as I can so definitely relate. Beautiful shot there! Maybe its time for that big camera? 😉

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    1. Oh, thank you so much Belle. Of course, you don’t have to capture it with a photo…but I found I really had to in that moment.
      I have no idea about that big camera! Eeek, that’s a scary thought! Maybe I should, though before I go to Thailand. That might actually be a wise investment for traveling.

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      1. you’re welcome Britta. think about it though (the big cam) especially when you’re already traveling. there’s lots of entry level DSLRs out in the market right now. 😉


  4. Great shot! And yes, if your eye is compelling you then you are a photographer. We all have various levels of experience and practice but it all starts with the eye. FYI, one of my challenges is to see what I can do with just my phone. Mostly because I always have my phone with me. I have the iPhone 6+, because I’m old and need the big screen to see. There are some fabulous camera apps that you could consider. One of my favorites is Camera Plus (with the little parachute) and Camera Pro. Camera Plus has a great macro setting. With that said your macro shot is wonderful. They have quite a bit of functionality built in. So whatever your model of phone, there should be some good camera apps available to try. With your upcoming adventures, your phone will be the easiest tool to work with. More. I want to see more.


    1. I’m using my Motorola phone, which isn’t half bad, though the zoom is terrible. Perhaps I should look into some camera apps. It might give me some more options to create. I just don’t know of I want to invest in a big camera like a DSLR at this point…I feel like they take up so much space and I’d worry half to death that I’d break the thing. I’m not that serious at this point, anyways. Its more of a fun, sporadic hobby. Thanks for the tips with the phone and glad you enjoyed the photo!

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