Paulie and Britts at the Beach

I had a bit of a surprise day off on Monday.

Okay, it was more like I failed to read my schedule correctly and thought I worked Monday when really, all along, there was nothing on it about working Monday in the first place.

I discovered this on Sunday night and my first thought was disappointment…

Only because I had just gotten these super comfortable new shoes specifically for work and I was disappointed that I had to wait until Tuesday to wear them. Yeah, you could say it doesn’t take much to excite me.

Well, newsflash, the comfiest shoes in the world don’t keep the feetsies immune from aches and pains after an eight hour shift of constant standing.

But…a girl can be excited, right?

Anywho, I was initially disappointed because of the shoes.

My second thought was, “well gee, why don’t I call up Paulie.”

As in, Paul, one of my best friends, whom I haven’t seen since graduation weekend.

So, that’s exactly what I did (okay, it was more like a text than a call, but the point is, I got in touch with him).

Paul doesn’t live that far away from me and I knew he’d be up for some last minute plans because that’s just how we roll (that’s how our spring break trip to Seattle happened, after all). I sure as hell didn’t want to spend my surprise day off sitting at home. On work days it’s the only other place I’m ever at besides the gas station, after all. I commute between those two places and that’s about it. So, I wanted to get out and do something different while I had the time.

So, Paul and I met up at a little coffee shop that happened to have excellent baked goods (the lemon scone and the blueberry muffin were on point, at least) and then headed to a nearby beach to soak in the sun (since I’m inside all day on my work days so sun was necessary) and catch up.

And gosh, was it great to catch up. We talked about college, we talked about the future, we talked about our lives now. It was so nice to see him and just talk. I’ve missed my college friends so much since graduation and the afternoon with Paul was just what I needed.


Life moves on but the most important people will always find a way to stay.


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