Blending, stirring drinks

all day, all night…I just want

 a cup of coffee.


The Americano that was no more, Storyville Coffee Company, Seattle


18 Replies to “Barista”

      1. It’s definitely not as nonstop as Starbucks. Since the espresso bar is located in a gas station, there’s always people coming in, but they don’t always want coffee. I make a lot more smoothies and milkshakes, actually. I also spend time baking, bagging, and shelving cookies. I do a lot more than make coffee, though that is part of my job description too. A lot of times there’s leftovers from the blended drinks that couldn’t fit into the cup, so I am usually sipping on something of that nature throughout the day. 🙂


      2. Sounds pretty cool, I would have loved to do that! How are your cookies? don’t tell me they are the chocolate/oatmeal kind 😛


      3. It is super fun most of the time. Does get tiring,too. Eh, the cookies are okay. We get them frozen and just have to bake them. it’s not like they’re homemade or anything and I’ve certainly had better, but the customers love them. They sell really well. Haha, well, we have chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin…also peanut butter and a few other kinds on occassion.

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      4. Ok, so I ll bring the cookies and you ll make the cappuccino . Let’s stick to the initial plan 😉


      5. Yes. yes! Yesterday, a customer commended me on the latte I made him, so it seems I’m getting better at this frothing milk business. I can definitely make the cappuccino. 🙂

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  1. Hi Britta, good luck with the new job. I can imagine how tiring it can be. But I can also imagine that you will have lots of stories to share as a coffee shop is like a human lab, isn’t it? Think of the upcoming trip to Asia when you are tired! 😀🌴🐠🌙🌊


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lucile. I have been enjoying the work for the most part, but I’m still adjusting to long hours on my feet (I work eight hour shifts) and getting used to making all the drinks, etc. It is a great spot for people watching, that’s for sure!


      1. It has been great so far. Super tiring and super busy, but in the best way possible. My coworkers are all awesome and it’s been a great learning experience so far. 🙂


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