USPS Delivers…!

I don’t get snail mail often, and when I do you can bet your boots the United States Postal Service has delivered me goodies from either…

a) Some graduate school trying to woo me into their program (Thanks GRE)

b) The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum sending complimentary stationary and calendars while kindly asking for money (I guess I signed up for their mailing list when I visited last July?)

c) My credit union sending the usual things credit unions send to their members

d) The usual college information from my university…though now, that will inevitably become the alumni association probably most likely [obnoxiously] asking for money and sending information about alumni events

Today though? Today was a happy mail day that just happened to fill my heart with joy. I came back from my first day of work (which wasn’t so bad, though I have soo much to learn, which is very overwhelming) to find that the USPS surprised me with not one, BUT TWO unusually exciting parcels of mail. Without further ado, I give you…

Exhibit A: A gift from Phoebe


Phoebe, a.k.a. my intern buddy and favorite person to geek out about history with. We interned together last summer at the National Postal Museum and developed a rather awesome friendship rather quickly. Phoebe lives about a bazillion miles away in New York State, but we still manage to keep in touch via snail mail and over social media and Skype. To my surprise, I found a package from her in the mail today; said package contained this lovely looking historical fiction novel, which I can’t wait to devour (Phoebe knows me, the history and English major, all too well) along with a kind and thought provoking letter congratulating me on my college graduation. Like WOW! This is the best package I could ask for–a good book and a kind letter. And I thought she was just going to send me a postcard (our usual form of snail mail) when she asked for my summer address the other day. Sneaky, sneaky!

Exhibit B: The photo is self-explanatory


Receiving my passport in the mail today made me jump up and down for joy. All, I can say is, Thailand is becoming so much more real with every passing day. Also, this baby came super quick…I applied for my passport less than a month ago and I didn’t even pay for expedited shipping…Wowsers!

And so, a first day of work that wasn’t so scary after all, topped off with these lovely surprises in the mail, made for a pretty awesome Monday.

20 Replies to “USPS Delivers…!”

    1. They sure are. I think any form of snail mail from a good friend is amazing. Letters are becoming a thing of the past, but there’s something so much more personal about them than an email, Facebook message, etc. 🙂

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    1. I sure am! It’s starting to become more and more real, which is wonderful and kind of nerve-racking at the same time. 🙂 Yeah, junk mail gets annoying, that’s for sure.


  1. Ooh You’re going to Thailand? That’s fun!
    And the surprise book is super cool! ^_^ Happy reading!


    1. Yes! I’ll be teaching English there for a semester or two starting in September. I can’t wait…I’ve never been outside the western world and it will be SUCH and adventure. 🙂 yeah, I can’t wait to read it.

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  2. Woo Hoo on getting your passport. So excited to hear that you are going to Thailand to do some teaching. What a wonderful life experience. I am so glad you decided to do some traveling to really awesome places. You will have a blast.

    PS – how lucky are you that Grad Schools are knocking on your door. You must have done swimmingly on the GRE. Not a surprise.


    1. It will for sure be wonderful and I can’t wait! I know I wont regret travelling. I thought about just going into the work force after graduation–since I’ve known for a while that I wanted to take some time off from school–but it just didn’t feel right. I’m so ready for an adventure and Thailand will be an absolutely perfect place to go adventuring, I think.

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