If we were having coffee, I’d tell you what an unbelievably busy week and weekend I’ve had, about my family vacation across the Midwest to spend time with more family. I’d tell you how my mom, dad, and I flew into Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday for my cousin’s high school graduation party, how we drove across Missouri on Monday and headed for central Illinois for a couple days, and how we then ended our vacation in the suburbs of St. Louis. I’d mention that my brother is currently studying abroad, hence, why he wasn’t there to join us…just in case you would have wondered.

If we were having coffee, I’d explain how much fun I had seeing family I haven’t seen in a while. I’d tell you how much I enjoyed seeing my twin cousins; even though they are nine years younger than I am, I love spending time with them. I’d talk about how we did so much–from a Kansas City Royals Game where my parents and I got dreadfully rained on (and where I happened to be bored to tears because I forgot how much I don’t enjoy watching sports), to watching Pitch Perfect 2 at a drive in movie theater outside of St. Louis. I’d gush about watching my cousins watch The Princess Bride for the first time and how one of them starting laughing contagiously when the Impressive Clergyman (probably my favorite character) came on the screen. I’d describe how my mom, aunt, cousins, and I treated ourselves to pedicures and how my mom–who had never had a pedicure before–was on cloud nine the entire time. I’d tell you how I wasn’t feeling well on Thursday so I stayed back at my aunt and uncle’s house while everyone else went swimming. I used this time to catch up on blogging and write this post. Let me tell you, it was some much needed introvert time after spending pretty much the whole week around people.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how I had to get up at 5 am this morning to catch a flight back home and how dreadfully hard that was to do, since I never get up that early. ever. I’d tell you how I got home and slept for the remainder of the morning and much of the afternoon. Early morning aside, this week was incredibly tiring. I’d talk about how excited I am to get back into my yoga routine–something that definitely fell by the wayside this week. Vacation was fun and much needed, but it has certainly taken a toll on my body.

Lastly, if we were having coffee, I’d spend a little time on the subject of my new job as a barista. I’d tell you that I start work tomorrow and how nervous I am for that. I’d talk about how I’ve never properly worked in customer service before and how I’m psyching myself out a bit for this occurrence. I know it will be a good experience for me and I know I can do it, but I’m still nervous. I’d hope you could give me a bit of reassurance as I transition into this summer job. After all, it’s only for the summer. Come September, I’ll be off on my next big adventure in Thailand; I should enjoy this time at home, this new opportunity to learn a bit more about myself and make some much needed money in the process.

With all that said and done, I’d start to wrap up my side of our conversation; I’d now be wondering–do you have anything to share over coffee?

This post is part of the Weekend Coffee Share link up at Part Time Monster. This is my first time participating and I’m really happy to be doing so. I’ve seen so many of my blogger friends take part and I thought it would be fun to give it a try myself. 

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  1. I definitely understand the need for some introvert time after being with people. I don’t even consider myself an introvert, but I get overstimulated easily and need my alone time too.

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    1. Absolutely. I think many people, even extroverts, ultimately need some alone time at some point. Introverts need a lot more of it, since that how we recharge, but sometimes even the most extroverted of us need to introvert a bit. I interned in Washington D.C. last summer and I was so surprised when one of my really extroverted roommates just shut down for a couple days towards the end of the summer. I think most of us need to get away from people at some point, regardless of our personality.

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  2. If we were having coffee, first off, I would definitely order something else as I am not a coffee drinker, maybe some green tea and then will tell you that I am glad you had such a great time with family and that I definitely understand “introvert time” as I pretty much need a dose of that every now and then too. This post is pretty cool! Online coffee time with friends who care to listen… and btw, I can’t wait for your Thai adventure! Good luck with the summer job, you’ll be fine! 🙂


    1. I know! I love this online coffee time with friends who care to listen. 🙂 I may have to do it more often now that I’ve completed my first Weekend Coffee Share post.

      I’m soo excited for my Thai adventure, too. My passport came in the mail today…woohoo!

      Thanks…my first day wasn’t so bad. Lot’s to learn, which is overwhelming, but that’s to be expected in any new job. It’s a fun and fast paced environment, which will be fun, but it will also be really tiring for this introvert!

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      1. I can’t wait for your barista post (is there going to be one?). Have fun while you’re making coffee. 😉


  3. Barista?? does it mean that if we were having coffee you would actually make it? I’ll make the cookies then 🙂 Thailand sounds great, we lived almost 3 years in Bangkok, you’ll love it. Cheers to new adventures!


    1. Haha, well, first I have to learn how to make all the drinks. There’s about three dozen of them, if not more, in the recipe binder! But, sure…I’d be happy to after that. I’ll definitely accept some cookies for my tummy, too. 🙂
      I’m so excited. It’s going to be such a wonderful adventure and I’ve heard SOOO many good things about Thailand, which makes me even more excited…and really glad that I chose it as my destination.

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  4. Love those shoes! Congrats on getting your barista job! Baristas are my favourite people ☺️ I totally understand your “introvert” time. I do the same thing! Cheers!


    1. Haha, thanks…they belong to my twelve year old cousin! I forgot to pack flip flops and my feet are so small that I was able to borrow hers.
      Ah, thanks! I’m excited and still a little nervous…I have so much to learn…there are so many drinks I have to master, which is overwhelming! It’s going to be a fun a fast paced environment, which I’ll definitely enjoy, but that also will mean I’ll need a lot more introvert time when I get off work!

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  5. Congrats and kudos on being gainfully employed! Stepping up and trying new experiences is not always easy. I’m sure you will do well. My wife and I are planning a trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Looking forward to your blogs about Thailand and your experience as a barista.


    1. Thank you so much, Shawn. I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed perusing my blog a but. I’m looking forward to documenting my time as a barista and then my travels abroad, so I’ll for sure be posting plenty in the future (between scooping up milkshakes and mastering the art of frothing milk, for now). 🙂

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  6. I’d be having an extra shot in my coffee, because as I would share with you I’ve just come off night shift for what feels like the million time this year. But I’m thrilled to hear you had such a good vacation, and it’s so nice to spend time with family! Cute photos 🙂


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