Trinket Tuesday: B is for Re-Purposed Book

Mom: It was a little something I thought was cute.

Me: Yeah, I guess. I don’t know what to do with it, though. Plus, I kind of hate when books are destroyed, even for the sake of art.

— — — —

Back in March (a.k.a. my birthday month) my momma sent me a birthday care package at school with a bunch of little things in it, including this little trinket–a “B” constructed from an old book. It really doesn’t have a purpose besides being cute and fun. Basically, the definition of a trinket. Well, at least my definition. That said, as a lover of real, paper books, it really does pang me when books are destroyed. Yes, I know there are more pressing problems facing our civilization than that of the unsold, stripped books of the world being brought to pulp. Can’t a girl be passionate about her books, though? REAL, TANGIBLE BOOKS ARE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. ALL OF THEM. EVEN IF THE STORY INSIDE IS CRAPPY. That’s me being passionate.

But hey, I guess if someone didn’t want it, it’s better that this one was re-purposed into a cutsey trinket rather than it being destroyed completely.


Trinket found: My bedroom

(Sorry for being so harsh, Mom. Whoops. I do think it’s cute, even if it is a destroyed book. 🙂 )

Oh hey there, welcome to the first ever installment of Trinket Tuesday! This is a relatively new idea…one birthed yesterday after reading this post from my favorite Frequent Flying Scientist, DesleyJane.

If you haven’t read it, DesleyJane’s post is inspired by a picture of a small vintage toy cowboy. Her musings about this small vintage cowboy got me to thinking about what fun it could be to draw inspiration from objects–even the smallest and most mundane objects. Then I got to thinking about all the little trinkets I have in my room, my parents have around they’re house (which I am currently living in), all the trinkets that you can really find all over the place. Other peoples’ homes, offices, coffee shops. You get the picture.

So, with a long summer of I don’t know what the heck I’m doing spread in front of me, I give you Trinket Tuesdays as a new addition to the blog. Every Tuesday I’ll post a picture of an object–generally a small trinket–with a story, poem, musing, what have you, about said object. I’ll also try to say where I found the object–probably somewhere in the house of my parents while I’m living here this summer, but ya never know!

I’m really excited for this! As a writer, I believe inspiration can be drawn from everywhere. That’s hard to remember sometimes, though, so Trinket Tuesday will push my ability as a writer while trying to find a story in everything. It will also put my newbie photo taking abilities to the test–something that will definitely be an adventure in itself.

12 Replies to “Trinket Tuesday: B is for Re-Purposed Book”

  1. Loved this post, you already have me hooked every Tuesday 🙂 and I am so like you when it comes to books, they are so precious to me ! See you there next week for sure 🙂


  2. What a great idea.
    I do feel the same way about books, even though I do all my reading on a Kindle now. It also kind of grates on my nerves when I see beautiful old teacups turned into candles. At least they’re not in a landfill.


    1. Thanks! So glad you like it.
      Exactly. I mean, I guess it is better than being in a landfill (or, in the case of many unsold books, pulped to a nothing), but…it still hurts just a little bit.

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  3. It IS cute. Every year I go to a street fair here where a vendor sells old withdrawn library books that are converted to journals. The books would otherwise just get thrown out, so I’m glad they’re using them in a better way!


    1. That sounds so amazing! I know, as passionate as I am about saving books as they are, I also know that’s not possible. There are SO many books produced and inevitably, not all of them are sold and many get thrown away. It is fantastic that books are being re-purposed, then. Definitely better than being thrown away!

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