Choosing Growth

When you have demons, I’ve learned it’s best to just confront them. Confrontation is the often first step in moving forward.

Helping yourself. That’s where true confidence comes from. Helping yourself starts from within. Often times, that first step comes in the form of confronting your demons.

Not that that’s an easy task. Such a task can be damn hard. But in my short twenty-two years of experience with this thing called life, it has always seemed to work better than the alternative.

— — —

No one benefits from holding on to a hate that’s passed its expiration date.

A silly moment of playing with shadow turned into the perfect image to accompany this contemplative piece.

3 Replies to “Choosing Growth”

  1. I’m completely in agreement. However hard “confronting your demons” might be, it’s often the necessary thing to move forward.

    You’re a wonderful writer, might I add. x


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